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What can I feed fussy ds for tea?

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wrinklytum Tue 02-Jun-09 14:48:25

Its too hot to cook much so had planned a nice simple tea of nice ham,new potatoes and salad.DS won't touch salad at all,so am thinking of giving him grated raw carrot.(He only does carrots and broccoli veg wise,much to my horror,tis an ongoing battle)Sounds a bit bland though!

sweetheart Tue 02-Jun-09 14:50:59

I cut various veg into sticks for my kids so it's less like a salad and more like pickey bits. These include


How old is your ds? I'm quite strict when it comes to food so they are not allowed to be fussy - they either eat what I give them or they go hungry. My children are 3 and 8.

wrinklytum Tue 02-Jun-09 14:57:40

Believe me I have tried everything.I always serve up lots of veg and am quite insistent about eating fruit etc.

Today he has had cereal and apple for breakfst,pineapple chunks in with packed lunch.

I have a dd who eats everything and anything.

I always put different veg on plate but he NEVER eats it.So I have taken the easy option and we always have carrots and broccoli for him,he will not do peas,sweetcorn,courgette,pulses,mushrooms.

We eat a lot of spag bol with lots of hidden veg in.


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