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Can anyone share some quick, healthy, low fat dinners?

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CADS Sat 07-May-05 12:51:06


Need some quick and easy dinners to cook during the week at are low fat? Sorry, don't have any imagination when is comes to food, have lives on take out and convenience foods most of my life.

PS - DH is a meat man.

pepsi Sat 07-May-05 13:23:32

How about marinating salmon or chicken in a splosh of each:-

hoi sin sauce
Plum Sauce
terrayki marinade
soy sauce
honey or maple syrup

Mix it all up and marinate, could prepare night before and grill when you get home. Serve with whatever you want. My children are 5 and 3 and they both eat this and so does my veg and salad phobic dh.

stitch Sat 07-May-05 14:28:02

stick any chicken, meat fish under the grill, or ona non stick frying pan with no oil. season with salt. eat sever with microwaved veg such as broccoli or peas. to add bulk, eat with baked potato.

CADS Mon 09-May-05 20:12:03

Thanks guys.

Can't believe it can be so simple. Silly me.

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