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cheapest supermarket for organice produce?

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emily05 Sat 07-May-05 09:40:19

Does anybody know what the cheapest super market is for organic produce?

Juniperdewdrop Sat 07-May-05 09:44:38

just bumping up as I'd like to know too

emily05 Sat 07-May-05 20:48:19

bumping this to see if anybody has any ideas x

juniperdewdrop Sat 07-May-05 20:52:47

I buy some of Asda's own range organic and that isn't too bad. The tomato sauce isn't much more than non organic but 3 times as much lycopene!! I got their mayonnaise too the other day and it wasn't too bad price wise. Only thing is ours isn't a big Asda so the fruit and veg is limited.

tiddlypom Sat 07-May-05 21:04:35

I've never done a price comparison, but certainly Asda seems cheapest, although the variety of stuff available isn't as good as in Tesco or Sainsbury's, and we have some huge Asdas near us.

I prefer Sainsbury's organic stuff, but I suspect Tesco is cheaper. Both Waitrose and M&S seem more expensive, as you might expect, but sometimes the quality is fabulous - eg organic grapes are better from M&S IMO.

I generally do 50/50 Tesco and Sainsbury's. Tesco pay for my Holmes Place gym membership, and that of the kids, via their Clubcard scheme, so I like them for that (we do have Tesco credit cards, so we get points for general gross consumption). I'm saving up for a personal trainer .

merglemergle Sun 08-May-05 06:20:59

What are you actually buying?

For fruit and veg, the cheapest place will probably be a box scheme like Riverford Organics. Another advantage is that they will deliver to your door.

You can get milk, yoghurt, eggs etc from Riverford. IMO the food tastes a lot better too.

SueW Sun 08-May-05 06:34:47

According to Tesco's price check (which compares Tesco prices with Asda, Sainsburys and Morrisons) the biggest price difference is:

Tesco and Sainsburys £17.99; Asda £12.90

but on most things listed the prices were pretty much the same for Tesco and Asda and Morrisons with Sainsburys tending to be more expensive.

However, the price check frequently came up with 'Not found' for Tesco's competitors on goods which I know I've bought at Asda for a long time. Round here we've had Asda for years and a huge Tesco has recently opened. Store Wars big time!

I think you need to register with to use the price check service.


suzywong Sun 08-May-05 06:50:31

you are all so lucky having so many choices of supermarket and such a large organic range

Orgainc produce is only just kicking off here in Western Australia, we must be at least 7 or 8 years behind the UK. Not that I bought that much when I was there but it was good to have the choice, especially with milk

WideWebWitch Sun 08-May-05 12:56:52

I buy from Asda first as I think they're the cheapest i.e. an organic chicken can be £7.50 there as opposed to £10 in Sainsbury's, then I go to Sainsbury's for the rest and only then do I go to Fresh and Wild for anything I couldn't get in either supermarket. I expect Tesco is marginally cheaper than Sainsbos though but ideally I want to use a box scheme, just haven't round to it yet.

hotmama Tue 10-May-05 11:13:15

I usually buy from Sainsbury's but have found that Tesco's have a better range but the stock levels are a bit crap - never seem to have organic chicken breasts in - when they do I stock up for the freezer.

I use an organic home delivery service for fruit and veg which comes from a local farm - they have a stall at the local farmers market which advertised this service. Eden Farms - deliver in Nottinghamshire/Lincolnshire/Leicestershire - the stuff is fab!

I would rather only use Supermarkets for tins/household stuff and support local organic producers if poss.

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