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At what age can you start a baby on Weetbixs???

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Bagpipes Tue 29-Apr-03 11:06:55

Hi everyone - I have completed forgot what age a child can start having weetbixs. I have a 5month old DS - who basically still isn't interested in even looking at food and is still totally bottle feed. He is a very contented, happy baby - who sleeps beautifully during the day, and at least a good 12hours at night. I would like to know, at what age can you offer weetbixs at?? My two older children are still very fussy eaters and I would love to get it right with this one LOL

Angel78 Tue 29-Apr-03 11:31:37

You can offer weetabix from 6 months along with Readybrek.
I know how you feel when it comes to fussy children. My 2 are terrible. My ds seems to turn his nose up at anything remotely good for him.

Soly Tue 29-Apr-03 12:56:00

Hi Bagpipes - never mind the Weetabix (although I will be trying ds on them any day now) I want to know how you get yours to sleep 12 hours at night!!! Mine naps perfectly normally during the day but has only gone about 7 hours during the night at best and usually only 3 or 4 at a stretch (6!/2 months)!

Claireandrich Tue 29-Apr-03 13:23:07

6 months. Can't earlier as it contains gluten. Watch your quantites though as they do contain some salt.

What's your trick with the sleeping then? My 12 month old hasn't quite managed the 12 hour night shift yet!

alibubbles Tue 29-Apr-03 13:43:10

HV's say 8 months for weetabix, because of possible wheat intolerence

Tillysmummy Tue 29-Apr-03 13:49:06

I started dd at about 6 months I think. She still loves it (18 months) mixed with mashed ripe banana which is a good sugar replacement !

Philippat Tue 29-Apr-03 13:54:44

If you're my hairdresser 2 weeks. If you're me and paranoid about these things, 15 months.

JulieF Tue 29-Apr-03 14:06:03

There is no need to introduce solids at all until 6 months so long as baby is happy on breast/formula alone so don't feel you have to be rushed into things. The latest research from the world health organisation says that solids should be delayed til 6 months (though this is based on a breastfed baby) Maybe him just being interested means he isn't ready yet.

It is recomended that you don't introduce gluten (which weetabix contains) until at least 6 months though. It is best to start with babyrice, perhaps mixed with fruit such as apple or pear to start off with. Also you could try an oat based cereal first. Oats contain something like gluten which can cause reactions but often not so much as gluten so I used babyorganix oat cereal to test dd out so to speak.

I have found that the main thing in dd not being fussy is not being allowed too much between meals. Also she has never been given much processed food so what she doesn't know about she can't have. I also don't worry about the amount she eats. If she refuses a meal then it is taken away with no fuss, she is not forced into eating it (but also not allowed crisps or chocolate) until the next scheduled meal/snack time. I have found that some people who complain there child doesn't eat are expecting too much.

Of course all children develop likes and dislikes and my dd is no exception. I make sure there are always 2 or 3 different veg on her plate and if there is one she doesn't like then thats fine. I have also found that large portions sometimes overwhelm her and it is better to put a small amount on first, then give her more if need be.

mum2toby Tue 29-Apr-03 14:47:38

OH bagpipes!!! Just ONE NIGHT of my son sleeping for a solid 6 hours never mind 12 would be wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And he's nearly 2 yearas old. yawn.....

Ds loves weetabix and readybrek with fruit puree. I started giving him that at 8 months coz someone recommended it.

12 hours ......WOW!!!

Bagpipes Wed 30-Apr-03 11:06:06

Hi Everyone - gosh thanks so much for all your help on the weetbixs - Sorry, I wasn't trying to brag about my ds2 about how well he is sleeping (it has been out and out pure luck with this one!!!) My first DD - love her to bits, never slept during the day, and only started to sleep thru the night at two and a half. My DS1 who is a real honey too, if you have read my other postings (behavioural) you would probably think - gosh, has she got problems LOL. To be honest DS1 - is my sleeping partner - I am up at least 4-5 times per night with him - he is 3.5yrs. So my DS2 - is like an angel who fell out of the sky. I didn't do anything different apart from my first two children, both suffered reflux (and DD was never ever given medications etc..) and they were both milk intolerant. So, I was expecting DS2 to be exactly the same - boy was I so shocked, and surprised and relieved!! I am so lucky having such a good baby.....

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