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Can anyone shed any light on why my Jersey new potatoes taste like washing up liquid?

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HeinzSight Mon 25-May-09 21:00:49

Seriously, they're truly disgusting!!

It's not the first time this has happened either! I don't think they were Jerseys the last time I boiled new potatoes but I had the same problem.

All I did was give them a good scrub in plain water and boil them in salted water. I did boil them for quite a while, I was being lazy and didn't cut the bigger potatoes up so hence boiling for a long time.

Has anyone else experienced this? It seems a shame to throw them away. I was going to make a nice potato salad with them sad

Sheeta Mon 25-May-09 21:02:29

because you're using your washing up sponge to scrub them? grin

you didn't get them from sainsbo's did you?

HeinzSight Mon 25-May-09 21:03:24


No, it was Waitrose. Why? What have you heard??????

HeinzSight Mon 25-May-09 21:23:06


Sheeta Mon 25-May-09 21:28:45

the sainsbo's ones we had were pretty dire.

come to think of it, the waitrose one's were shit too.

bad year?

(p.s. lol at bumping grin)

maddylou Mon 25-May-09 21:29:25

was the pan rinsed out as it doesn`t need much w.up liquid to taint?

HeinzSight Mon 25-May-09 21:33:54

yes, pan rinsed. V annoying!

terramum Mon 25-May-09 21:40:21

How long did you boil them for?

HeinzSight Mon 25-May-09 21:42:17

I think maybe too long. Over half an hour or so blush

terramum Mon 25-May-09 21:48:06

Yep that'll do it. New pots rarely need more than 15 mins imo...even the big uns... because they're not as tough as the maincrop varieties.

I did the same with cabbage once - tasted really bleugh.

frisbyrat Mon 25-May-09 21:49:53

I have had crap ones from Sainsbury's this year. Slimy mouldy ones in the centre of the bag, dripping smelly liquor over the rest.

And my chicken for sunday lunch (a fecking organic one, so not cheap) had been drawn by someone with two left hands. The gall bladder was still attached to the liver, and they'd left the anus on, and a long section of the colon from it, filled with chicken shit, which does Not Smell Good, and leaked all over the carcass.

Rant over.
But yes, I think it is a bad year for Jerseys. grin

HeinzSight Mon 25-May-09 21:50:24

damn it!!

lesson learnt.

Thanks for shedding some light.

<Heinz goes off to tip them in the binsad>

foxinsocks Mon 25-May-09 21:52:34

roast them

with olive oil and salt

far better I think

(or add mint when you boil)

CharlotteVV Wed 03-Jun-09 13:03:57

Yes, I prefer roasted too unless they're doused in butter. Mint YUMYUM - foxinsocks have you tried Dill too..?

Definatly agree - boiled for too long! They'll be done in 10-15 mins.

My test is to stick a sharp knife into them and lift them out (vertically) if they slide off the knife, they're done!

Duffspud Sat 06-Jun-09 18:57:33

Having eaten and tasted delicious Jersey New potatoes for over 65 years I can say that the so-called Jersey Royals potato sold by Sainsbury are no more Jersey New Potatoes than our BSE beef was Argentine beef after being shipped to Argentina and reimported and called Argentine beef to escape the ban on British beef.
Its all one great profit making spud scam.
Go to a local market and but a real Jersey potatoe, you will never look back

BodenGroupie Mon 08-Jun-09 11:37:37

I've not had much luck with them this year, even from our normally brilliant farm shop. At least it means my butter intake has gone down!

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