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Ooh i hav just made a Flappy cake!!

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NationalFlight Fri 22-May-09 20:24:00

Titter ye not

Tis very special and good grin

Step by step on profile!!

NationalFlight Fri 22-May-09 20:50:57

grin See, later on tonight when I have partook of wine, I am going to be standing there in the kitchen trying to fashion a clitoral hood from royal icing. It is a rubbish bat. It would probably look BETTER as a fanjo. Ds won't care, will he? hmm

thisisyesterday Fri 22-May-09 20:50:58

it's fab! well done :D

and it looks nothing like my fanjo

thisisyesterday Fri 22-May-09 20:51:33

i mean, not that i'm suggesting you modelled it on me or anything. but erm. i'll go now

NationalFlight Fri 22-May-09 20:52:11

keep digging tiy wink

i had you in mind actually

nickytwotimes Fri 22-May-09 20:53:01

It looks like a bat in the last picture.

It looks NOTHING LIKE A FANJO int eh last picture.

I am pmsl at the idea of an icing clitoral head.

thisisyesterday Fri 22-May-09 20:53:10

is he having a party?
i mean, will other mums see it and wonder why you made a vulva with a face on?

thisisyesterday Fri 22-May-09 20:54:07

let's face it, for 38p who cares if it looks like a fanjo

NationalFlight Fri 22-May-09 20:55:37

good point, i am going to have to buy a proper cake aren't I. There's no way I'll get away with it.

OR I could make a complimentary one in the shape of a big PENIS but disguised as a caterpillar. And ask for the parents' car keys on the way in.

Theme it, yes, that might work...

nickytwotimes Fri 22-May-09 21:00:52

You could sell the pattern for it in Ann Summers?

thisisyesterday Fri 22-May-09 21:02:17

hehehe no it's fine. people are always impressed with my homemade cakes.

well, they say they are anyway

FrannyandZooey Fri 22-May-09 22:09:16

i have been giving this some thought
and you know i am not sure of the wisdom of calling it a flappy cake

Sycamoretree Fri 22-May-09 22:21:03

Sorry, but PMSL. This thread has given me the biggest laugh in AGES.

Bless you NF - I actually think it's rather charming. grin

AitchTwoOh Fri 22-May-09 22:33:49

omg YES i'm afraid i too thought it was a fanny cake. i think the word flappy might have been a bum steer.

Dumbledoresgirl Fri 22-May-09 22:52:00

Aitch linked this thread to my thread with the words Flappy cake. You are all being very cruel. I looked at the pictures without reading the thread and thought it was a brilliant bat/butterfly - sorry! bat!

But now that Franny has pointed out the similarity....I am off to show dh this thread. grin

Dumbledoresgirl Fri 22-May-09 22:53:12

PS Is the presence of cat food in one picture significant?

Saltire Fri 22-May-09 22:54:07

I like the face with the green dummy, it's very liflik, how did you get the cake to look like thatgrin

BigTeuchLittleTeuch Fri 22-May-09 23:45:49

why is your cake so shiny?

Is everyone esle's fannies cakes this shiny?!

MollieO Sat 23-May-09 00:11:00

You could combine his birthday with a talk about the facts of life. I'm sure the cake would be a useful aid. grin

NationalFlight Sat 23-May-09 07:40:32


Teuch that was the bottom (sorry) of the cake. I bought a new quick release tin from habitat having not attempted a cake for some years.

When I turned it out it was, as you say, very very shiny hmm

AitchTwoOh Sat 23-May-09 21:07:12

meant to ask are you FA, NF?

NationalFlight Sat 23-May-09 21:12:02

oh ya I am smile

You are H, yes? grin

thisisyesterday Sat 23-May-09 21:17:31

i was thinking about your fanny cake in bed last night NF.
as you do

anyway, i reckon if you move the wings a bit it'll look more batlike.

instead of being straight down at the sides, they need to be sticking out more iyswim?

NationalFlight Sat 23-May-09 21:46:41

Ah thankyou TIY smile

well I am ashamed to say we have consumed almost half of it already, despite birthday being tmrw blush

but anyway he was very pleased with it, the raisins round the edges were good, I have to recommend tesco cake mix.

Next year I will make a better, slightly adjusted version with the wings down a bit grin

Good for halloween actually too, it was so simple to cut the shape as it all came from one circle. No wasted corners! black marzipan would have been better than choco though.

AitchTwoOh Sat 23-May-09 22:07:03

a cake mix?! <judges>

i have a friend who swears by that tesco mix, i have to say it is really lovely. i always ask her for the recipe. tis i, flight.

NationalFlight Sat 23-May-09 22:13:47

Well is a bit dry honestly but certainly not bad. smile

It took long enough for ds2 to throw nuts and bolts all over the floor, put all my cleaning sprays in the bin and tip over the cat's water...gawd knows the damage if I'd made a real cake!!

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