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Cake icing help needed.

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Kayzr Sun 17-May-09 12:12:19

For DS2's christening I am making some little cupcakes. I am planning on icing them similar to these.

What I need to know is: can I ice them the day before or do I need to do them that morning?


Astrophe Sun 17-May-09 12:21:52

I think you could do it the night long as theres no cream in the icing...butter should be ok I think, as long as its not too warm. Maybe do a test run the week before?

To save time, I'd make all the cakes a week or more ahead, and then freeze them (but don't ice them frozen - thaw the day before)

They look lovely, btw

Kayzr Sun 17-May-09 12:24:02

I'm going to do a couple of practices I think. Never done it before so want to make sure I get it right.

shoofly Sun 17-May-09 19:32:27

If you are icing them with buttercream, which it looks like in the picture, you can do them a day or two before - the icing will actually help to keep the sponge underneath fresh. It will also firm the icing up a little, which is really helpful if you need to transport them anywhere. Good luck

Kayzr Mon 18-May-09 08:32:18

Yeah it is buttercream.

I'm really looking forward to doing it!!

QuintessentialShadows Mon 18-May-09 08:52:03

could I please have the recipe for butter cream icing? And how do I get them in different colours?

(icing novice)

Wags Mon 18-May-09 08:56:06

I use the recipe on the back of the Tate & Lyle icing sugar box for butter cream. The paste colours are best if you can get them. We have a cake decorating shop nearby. Just use them sparingly and build up the colour. I use a cocktail stick and dip it in and add a tiny blob, mix see what colour looks like then add more. If you haven't got the Tate & Lyle box let me know I will copy it here for you.

Kayzr Mon 18-May-09 08:57:23

The recipe is use is 6oz softened butter and 12oz icing sugar. You then just beat them together until well blended. I use colour pastes like this one for colouring the icing.

Wags Mon 18-May-09 09:02:30

Yes those paste's are fab. I got a lovely pink from a teeny tiny bit of poppy red but on the other hand I needed black for something and had to practically use half the pot so that it was black and not grey! Also Kayzr, I have iced them the night before and they were great, just covered them really loosely with foil, sort of made a big tent over them with the foil, put them in the coolest place I could find (not the fridge though) and they were great. I have got the cake decorating bug now grin

Kayzr Mon 18-May-09 09:05:02

I have made a couple of cakes but just covered them in white icing and then written a message on. So now I am trying to make new things. I've also made a fruit cake that needs icing too. It's so addictive!

Wags Mon 18-May-09 09:07:03

The Tate & Lyle recipe is the same as yours but it also adds a tbsp of milk. I tend to add just a bit until its the consistency I want.

Wags Mon 18-May-09 09:09:36

Now writing is the one thing I can't master. Did a Power Ranger cake for DS this year and just about got a wiggly name and his age. Didnt bother with Happy Birthday or anything. Must practice more. I have got the cup cake stand and have used it loads. I really liked the stripey cakes that Kirstie Alsop did on her Homemade programme this week but think they would look a bit wobbly like hers. Good luck with the christening cakes. I have found the Nigella cup cake recipe the best by far for the sponge. Yum.

Kayzr Mon 18-May-09 09:11:08

Those stripey cakes were great but again I think mine would be wobbly!

cakedecorator Mon 03-Aug-09 22:34:58

buttercream is just an amount of butter and double the icing sugar. So .. a good butter, e.g. kerry gold, etc 250g and then 500g of icing sugar, add a bit of boiled cooled water from the kettle, to soften, beat on a low setting until creamy soft. The longer you beat the whiter it goes - don't over do it though!.
Paste colours are by far the best - but if you're making large amounts of red or black - buy the extra concentrate paste colours like these, because you would end up using a whole pot of the normal paste colours!
hope this helps.

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