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does quorn freeze ok?

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oliv Wed 04-May-05 11:18:35

Am trying to be domestic goddess and cook up lots of dishes to freeze for when our baby arrives (hopefully next week). Does anyone know, is there any reason why quorn shepherds pie wouldn't freeze well?

WigWamBam Wed 04-May-05 11:19:56

No reason at all, Quorn is fine to freeze.

oliv Wed 04-May-05 11:20:42

great - thank you!

tarantula Wed 04-May-05 11:20:49

Ive never had any probelems with freezing it. Never occured to me aht it wouldnt TBH and Im still here .

Kelly1978 Wed 04-May-05 11:22:25

i've frozen quorn shep pie and chilli con carne, they were fine.

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