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Semi vegan pot luck dinner dish tonight!

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Saacsmum Wed 04-May-05 00:57:20

Every week we do a big family dinner thing. My immediate family is vegetarian, my son is seriously allergic to milk products, soy and peaches. I am sick of cooking the same things for the dinner and need some inspiration. We can have eggs. I have read the lentil casserole post but didnt tickle my fancy. Would love ideas of something quick and easy to take.

Sugarmag Thu 12-May-05 10:39:48


I realise this post is a week old but had to respond - several of my family are veggie and DS can't have dairy.

How about veggie chilli made with quorn (I think Quorn is made from some kind of fungi - like mushrooms - rather than soy). I usually make mine from sieved tomatoes, onions, peppers, quorn & cashews, plus garlic & tobassco. Easy to make in advance and take with.

Or a veggie cottage pie - use mixed veg for the base - onions, peas, sweetcorn, carrots and mashed potato made with rice milk for the topping?

My mum likes to buy these huge mushrooms (not sure what kind - I don't buy them myself) and stuff and bake them. She also slices & seasons butternut squash then roasts it and just serves it like that.

Oh, and vegetable soup? You don't need any milk to make a really lovely thick soup - try potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots & onions and season with a little cinnamon.

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