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Cannelloni Tubes?

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sahara Tue 03-May-05 15:43:54

I just wondered if anyone knew where I could get dried cannelloni tubes so that I could make it myself.

I have tried TESCO, online and in store. Also heve just checked out SAINSBURY'S online aswell and they don't stock it.

I have a recipe that calls for them and if anyone knows of a main name store that stocks them I would really appreciate the info?

Iklboo Tue 03-May-05 15:47:38

Hi Sahara

I get mine from Asda and they have an online store. BUITONI are the main brand name for canneloni tubes so you could try and find a local stockist for them.
Best of luck


sahara Tue 03-May-05 16:24:10

Thanks, I will try them .
Good thing they are just down the road, a bit

spykid Tue 03-May-05 16:26:06

Get my buitoni ones from morrisons

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