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Ben & Jerrys ice cream - is it carcinogenic?

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Socci Mon 02-May-05 17:18:55

Message withdrawn

JanH Mon 02-May-05 17:20:39

Probably a rumour started by Haagen Dazs!

hellomama Mon 02-May-05 17:21:35

God, I hope not!

duster Mon 02-May-05 17:28:03

If Ben and Jerry's is carcinogenic I would be dead by now.
Instead I am very fat

JanH Mon 02-May-05 17:28:41

I just went googling, socci - it was something to do with dioxins in 2000 - couldn't find anything else and what I did find (this was one report ) was a bit inconclusive.

dropinthe Mon 02-May-05 17:29:07

Only to the hips!

Socci Mon 02-May-05 17:31:17

Message withdrawn

MarsLady Mon 02-May-05 17:57:47

Now what a thread to post just as I've served some up to the kids (2 days in a row) lol

Socci Mon 02-May-05 18:00:13

Message withdrawn

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