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Can you reheat left over quorn recipes the next day? i.e., a quorn chilli?

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tiredandwornoutmum Thu 07-May-09 19:03:14

Made a chilli today with quorn, and have lots left. Can I put the left overs in the fridge and reheat it for lunch tomorrow as if it were normal mince?

Or freeze it and reheat? I'm guessing not as it has already been frozen...


Doodle2U Thu 07-May-09 19:03:50

It's quorn. Use it to re-point the 'ouse!

tiredandwornoutmum Thu 07-May-09 19:15:08


nickytwotimes Thu 07-May-09 19:16:52

I reheat it next day all the time.
I also re freeze it. My justification for freeze/reheat is that it is in a different state, like chicken or whatever those carnivors eat. wink

CheeryCherry Thu 07-May-09 19:18:19

Yes I reheat quorn meals often, and I freeze meals I have made too much of, for another time. If it was frozen, then you cook it, it will freeze again well.
Chilli, spag bol, lasagne mix...all similar, all handy to have in the freezer.

NorbertDentressangle Thu 07-May-09 19:18:41

I've reheated Quorn the following day and survived (lasagne made with the mince).

I wouldn't refreeze it though

CheeryCherry Thu 07-May-09 19:19:01

x posts ntt!

tiredandwornoutmum Thu 07-May-09 19:20:41

Thank you, will put it in the fridge then, Fab, don't have to cook tomorrow

Bicbut Mon 24-Oct-16 11:35:47

Do not refreeze quorn, even though you think it's n a different state it isn't meat and the same 'laws' do not apply, keep in in a container I'm your fridge and use within 4 days. It's a fungi like mushroom sort of thing.

Wizzysmum1 Mon 24-Oct-16 11:47:35

I have frozen quorn chilli and lasagna before without any problems. C it does state on the packaging though not freeze one defrosted but assumed this meant if it defrosted before cooking etc

Bicbut Tue 25-Oct-16 10:01:55

It's not advised to refreeze even if you've cooked it. Maybe your queen hadnt been frozen prior to use? You can buy it in the fresh cabinet. Email the company in sure they'll be happy to advise. I'm a vegetarian that eats things past sell by date but have MS so I still use my senses when it comes to taking risks.

dannyglick Tue 25-Oct-16 21:07:17

OP, I quite often make a Quorn curry or chilli for DH and myself, and we take the leftovers to reheat for a meal at work the next day.
Also regularly freeze portions, too, and have never thought it might be inadvisable.

Bicbut Thu 27-Oct-16 14:51:58

Danny Glück if you use within mince from fresh section at supermarket just check see if it says either its been frozen ir you can freeze, if it's not been frozen prior to use you can reheat like you said, at work.

dannyglick Thu 27-Oct-16 16:37:09

I do use the fresh Quorn mince/ pieces, so will have a look next time I buy it as to whether it's okay to freeze.

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