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can anyone suggest some weekday summer menus for families?

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pepsi Sun 01-May-05 07:49:54

With summer approaching (hopefully), I like to spend less time in the kitchen, I could live on chicken, salad & tuna but sadly dh doesnt go for salads and ds5 and dd3 honestly think Im trying to poison them if I put cucumber on their plates. They wont eat tomotoes, lettuce, cucumber, raw carrot so I get a bit stuck. Other than they they eat really well, in the winter Ive been doing casseroles, pasta bakes, sausages, baked cod, roasts all with veg but this is when I get stuck because i dont always want to do meals like this when its hot. Any advice?

WideWebWitch Sun 01-May-05 07:50:53

If they'll eat roast veg you could roast them and then let them go cold and put them in cous cous made with veg stock for the next day. I'll come back if I think of more.

pepsi Sun 01-May-05 14:44:22

They will eat veg but not mad on roasted. Tried them on roasted butternut squash and mashed squash, mashed sweet potato but no one liked it. They have just got it into their heads that they dont like salad.

sallystrawberry Sun 01-May-05 16:27:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SoupDragon Sun 01-May-05 16:28:12


Newbarnsleygirl Sun 01-May-05 16:30:04

What about if you cut the cucumber and tomato up in to really small pieces and added them to pasta with big chunks of ham or chicken. Would they have that?

pepsi Sun 01-May-05 19:01:58

No,afraid no newbarnsleygirl, they can sniff out salad at 100 paces. I think its all in the mind really, they accept most other stuff but this one is foxing me. They do like sweetcorn so I could do that but I find that if you keep given the same things they do go off of it. Have been watching supersize me which I taped, not seen all of it yet but that has certainly put me off the big M's. Oddly though as I was watching it last night I craved a cheeseburger even though I had stark evidence in front of me of what they can do to your health. Given the choice Im a Burger King girl though. We only tend to have them when we are travelling on the motorway, so its not that often.

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