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Nigella banana muffin fiasco

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milkmoustache Mon 04-May-09 16:19:49

Got How to be a Dom Goddess and settled down to make her banana muffins but they were a disaster. Re-read the recipe and noticed there is definitely no extra liquid (ie milk or buttermilk) alongside the ripe bananas, so was this a mis-print? Has anyone successfully tweaked the recipe, or is it down to me - surely not!

mrsmaidamess Mon 04-May-09 16:20:49

Don't know but loving the thread title.

KirstyJC Mon 04-May-09 16:23:57

Sorry, not tried these ones but can smell the chocolate muffins (from her Feast book) coming from the kitchen - DH & DS just made them!

No help to you I know but just wanted to let you know the receipe for these ones is spot on grin

(Hope they're cold enough to eat soon!)

kellise Mon 04-May-09 16:28:43

Never tweaked it but mine were dire too!! Have not attempted them again since, in fact its put me off using Bananas in any recepie since.

TrillianAstra Mon 04-May-09 16:35:05

I have a non-nigella banana muffin recipe for you, but it's in 'cups'. I uually guess and use a smallish mug.

Mix wet inredients:
2-3 mushy bananas
2 eggs
1/3 cup oil (I use sunflower)

Mix dry ingredients:
1 1/2 cups SR flour
1/2 tsp salt
2/3 cup brown sugar

Mix wet and dry ingredients, put into cake cases and bake at 180 C until done (when you poke a knife into the middle of one and it comes out clean)

FaintlyMacabre Mon 04-May-09 16:43:55

The Nigella banana muffins in that book are awful. If you want muffins, make the blueberry ones. If you want banana, make the loaf. Both turn out really well IME.

TrillianAstra Mon 04-May-09 16:46:53

Recipe for the blueberry ones please?

<does't have the book but is trying to be helpful>

I only have this random banana recipe that a friend gave me, and I don't know how to make a muffin if I don't have the squishy gooeyness of the banana to hold it together blush

lalalonglegs Mon 04-May-09 16:48:01

Ha! Another victim of Nigella banana muffins - aren't they foul? Really beyond belief disgusting. I sent my thread on the subject to Nigella HQ but never heard back. I now use her blueberry recipe and substitute berries for bananas.

lalalonglegs Mon 04-May-09 16:49:07

Blueberry muffins page 72 of my copy.

MarthaFarquhar Mon 04-May-09 16:51:52 too

lalalonglegs Mon 04-May-09 17:02:16

Ooooh, Martha tell us more about the Apple and Walnut incident of 2006...

In her defence, I usually find her cakes pretty good (but halve the amount of sugar she uses - how the woman isn't insulin dependent, I have no idea). Try her sour cream chocolate cake just using 100g of icing sugar for the frosting <<lala wanders off drooling>>

pointydog Mon 04-May-09 17:02:42

nigella ain't no cook

BrendaAndEddie Mon 04-May-09 17:06:27

They are vile

nicer raw than cooked

MollieO Mon 04-May-09 17:14:02

Seems that even her family won't eat hercooking!

RibenaBerry Mon 04-May-09 17:15:34

That happened to me too. Normally make her banana loaf, which works well, but tried the muffins for a change and they were dire. They didn't rise, or cook through in the stated time, and by the time the middles were done the outsides were like rock...

pointydog Mon 04-May-09 17:16:24

she cobbles things together, revels in including lots of fatty sugary processed things and just happened to strike it lucky.

BlingDreaming Tue 05-May-09 10:57:12

I do her banana muffins and find them fine - this is the one with the bananas, honey and butter? We use wholewheat flour instead of white flour and I normally up the amount of honey and banana as otherwise it's a bit too floury. But we like them and the fact that they're not filled with sugar.

I was thinking of adding a spoon of yoghurt next time and less extra honey.

tiokiko Sun 05-Dec-10 17:28:40

Aargh, I wish I'd checked MN before making these bloody muffins!

They are rubbish - allegedly makes 24 but made 8 plus 4 tiny mini ones; the normal sized ones were almost burned after 10 minutes and they just taste all weird and floury with a tough texture.

I did think it was odd that there was no egg/milk etc in the recipe but thought I would press on.

Luckily I was making them as a trial for DD's birthday party next weekend so not a disaster but a pain.

I've made her banana bread a few times and it was great, but wanted something with less sugar.

shoofly Wed 08-Dec-10 00:30:14

the ones from domestic goddess are VILE - these are the ones you want from Nigella Express - they are great and v quick and easy - DS prefers them with white choc chips, I prefer with dark and DH will eat any variation. I have brought a bag of butterscotch chips back from USA as they are good with those as well- They are the home for all black bananas in our house!

MrsKitty Wed 08-Dec-10 02:54:51

Ooh, yes, the ones from Nigella Express are Yum. Made them and iced them with caramel icing for DDs birthday.

JarethTheGoblinKing Wed 08-Dec-10 03:00:04


1 ripe banana
(weigh your eggs)
1 egg
weight of eggs for:
SR flour
1/2 tsp baking powder.

CountBapula Wed 08-Dec-10 03:04:46

Yup, another vote for the ones from Nigells Express. Also in that book is pear and ginger muffins - I use apples and cinnamon and they are divine.

MaisonCupcakeBlog Sat 18-Dec-10 11:53:07

Oh dear... must investigate. I normally make her Nigella Express breakfast muffins or Donna Hay ones.

NQTmumGreenwich Thu 22-Dec-11 20:04:09

I can't believe I'm reading this...there is also another misprint in Nigella's '...domestic goddess' she says to put a tablespoon of salt in her White bread recipe - I tried this as a first timer and had to throw the lot in the bin, they were so salty! I thought I'd misread the recipe when I liked at other bread recipes which call for a teaspoon of salt, but looked again and it is her mistake - domestic goddess indeed! More like domestic disaster! Good luck with your banana muffins ladies!

Joellybaby Mon 20-Feb-12 16:36:09

I dunno what's gone wrong for you all but I've made these tons and tons of times with no problems. They are really yummy and healthy, and everyone seems to like them - the last batch all polished off. Score they even cooled down. Are you overmixing it maybe? That would make them tough. I think you do need very ripe bananas, and be generous with the honey. It makes a thick mix but bakes well. I do only get 6 muffins out of the recipe rather than 12 - using a large silicone muffin tray and keeping bake time the same.

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