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what can i do with lamb mince....

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hellomama Fri 29-Apr-05 18:46:52

other than shepherds pie or moussaka????? i really need a recipe for tonight! Any ideas?

jibberjabber Fri 29-Apr-05 18:47:24

spicy kebabs?

cod Fri 29-Apr-05 18:49:32

Message withdrawn

hellomama Fri 29-Apr-05 19:28:30

oh bu**er it - we're going to have a take-out tonight! Thanks for your suggestions though!

Twiglett Fri 29-Apr-05 19:29:10

chilli con carne?

meatballs / burgers

chipmonkey Fri 29-Apr-05 19:48:45

Cod, can I come to dinner at your house?

iprefercream Fri 29-Apr-05 19:50:43

Now I'm a bit of a fish fan myself, not one for lamb at all. No, give me a nice piece of Cod anytime!

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