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Anyone got good bread recipe website by any chance?

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velcrobott Fri 29-Apr-05 09:19:00

We make our own bread - without bread maker.
I want new recipes maybe that include sesame and poppyseeds and other healthy grains... anyone can suggest anything?

almostanangel Fri 29-Apr-05 09:20:52

hi just bung it all in you cant go wrong a little honey is good too

slug Fri 29-Apr-05 10:31:28

Try putting a bit of mashed potato into the mix, it improves the texture and also seems to improve the keeping. I make a loaf (admittedly in the breadmaker) with Pumpkin seed, caroway, sesame, sunflower seed, linseed and poppy. One slice lasts you the whole day.

velcrobott Fri 29-Apr-05 10:33:12

do you put the pumpkin and sunflower seed as or do you do anything with them before hand?

velcrobott Fri 29-Apr-05 12:27:07

Also I tend to use fresh yeast from the baker, is that to be used differently from the powedered stuff???? I am not using a bread maker
Thanks !

velcrobott Fri 29-Apr-05 22:15:08

Well I just invented my own recipe
2 cups white
2 cups wholwheat
2 cups rye
a large mix of pumpkin, sesame, sunflower and linseed

and WOW.... what a bread.... cooked it with a cup of water in oven - and it did (as I had read on the web) made a crunchier crust! I am really pleased

velcrobott Fri 29-Apr-05 22:15:29

and fresh yeast of course

Milliways Fri 29-Apr-05 22:29:02

website here

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