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Meals at 9 months

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hayleylou Wed 27-Apr-05 15:23:54

I have looked through the archives and could not find anything on this (probably my eyesight ) I was wondering if anyone has any ideas, I have started to mush down what we have but sometimes we have something that dd cannot have. Jusrt wondered if anyone has any suggestions that I could make and then freeze?

Lizzylou Wed 27-Apr-05 15:52:31

My DS loved and loves, tomato based hotpots with pasta or cous cous and loads of veggies....
I found that organic chicken/lamb and pork were also good in them and a little went a long way, you can also start putting in herbs and garlic.
Fish pie/shepherd pie(esp made with baked beans) also went down well and he LOVED cauliflower cheese...

Hope this helps!

MarsLady Wed 27-Apr-05 16:16:44

AK's recipes are brill

hayleylou Thu 28-Apr-05 14:42:49

Great thanks.. That web site is fab

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