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11month old doesn't swallow solid food.....................

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funnyonion Tue 26-Apr-05 19:30:56

My 11month old DS eats mashed veggies and fruit but when it comes to solid food he chews the food and then spits it out, he doesn't seem to swallow anything. I'm trying not to worry or make to big a deal of this but i really don't see any improvement in his eating. Has anyone else experienced a similar thing? Any advice?

ionesmum Tue 26-Apr-05 19:40:30

My dd is 13 mo and is very similar. She doesn't eat puree either and is very selective about what she does eat - there are maybe six finger foods she likes but most things get chewed up and spat out. I've been told that this is a normal stage that some children go through and not to worry, just keep offerng a wide range of foods and she'll go at her own pace. Her older sister was eating for England at this stage so I know how worrying it can be to see other children scoffing away, but I think it's just a stage and they'll grow out of it.

funnyonion Tue 26-Apr-05 19:47:34

Thanks ionesmum, i keep telling myself that my DS will grow out of it but your so right when you say how worrying it can be when you see other children munching away.

PuffTheMagicDragon Tue 26-Apr-05 20:07:07

funnyonion, it took a long time for both ds1 and ds2 to take to solid food properly, although, there were no problems with different flavours etc. Slowly over time, I gradually increased the lumpy texture of the food and the were fine in the end, but it wasn't according to the ages I read in any of my baby/toddler books!

ionesmum Tue 26-Apr-05 21:35:41

My eldest is a good eater but I pureed her casseroles etc right up until she was nearly two. I think that the most important thing is not to make a big deal about it, otherwise it could become an issue.

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