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Meeting with MD of Caterhouse School Dinner Supplier

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cocococo Mon 25-Apr-05 23:58:36

Our school are concerned about the state of hot school dinners and the MD of Caterhouse who supply the dinners to our school is coming in tomorrow to meet us. I was wondering what questions you would pose to him given the chance!

Anteater Tue 26-Apr-05 01:14:11

A bit pissed but our school is building a new kitchen so we can be in control of the food our children eat.
We are using an independant Co to plan the meals etc and are very happy with progress so far.

Food will be sourced locally, and fresh/organic produce will be used where possible.

Pack lunches will not be permitted, but a veggy option will be available.
Fruit/yog will be available for pud.

The cost will be higher than the bought in lunches we use at the moment but children are what they eat..

mcspoon1 Thu 25-May-06 13:13:05

Hi, just wondering how long you've been using Caterhouse. Our school is just about to go ove to them after ditching at the last minute a plan to go it alone and provide organic local meat and local veg. We are fuming and are just wondering what we are going to get from Caterhouse! I'd be grateful for any info on what the meals are like etc.. as i have a meeting with our Head tomorrow where she will be formally telling us that the governors have decided to go with the caterhouse option.

I'd be grateful for your help!
Sue (

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