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recipe suggestion for prawns: (medium size/frozen):

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lunarx Mon 25-Apr-05 19:55:42

i have had 1.5 bags of medium sized frozen prawns in the freezer for about 2 months now. i'm wondering if anyone has any good recipe ideas (relatively easy!) for these.

thanks! =D

cod Mon 25-Apr-05 19:56:36

Message withdrawn

Tinker Mon 25-Apr-05 19:58:56

Blitz them with sweeetcorn, flour, eggs, chillies, lime juice, coriander adn make into fishcakes.

Whizzz Mon 25-Apr-05 20:07:55

Garlic & Chilli Prawns. (Gambas Pil Pil)
Heat some olive oil in a small frying pan, chop up garlic (or use the cheating stuff in a jar). Add a suitable amount of chilli powder depending on your taste & throw in the prawns (Tip: run them under the tap first & dab off excess water or they will spit like mad when you drop them in the hot oil)
Serve in the flavoured olive oil & dunk up oil & prawns with thick crusty bread ! Yum

lunarx Tue 26-Apr-05 12:09:21

thanks for the ideas! will be making note of them!!

bundle Tue 26-Apr-05 12:10:46

curry? defrost them and add to veggies of your choice plus tin tomatoes, splodge of curry paste, tin coconut milk & serve with rice/naan

tinker that sounds lovely

sallystrawberry Tue 26-Apr-05 12:40:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lunarx Tue 26-Apr-05 15:03:29

now..i am drooling for the korma sauce! must order with next grocery order! thanks...!!!

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