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Does Anyone have a recipe for pickled garlic???

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angelbaby Sun 24-Apr-05 13:27:06

as I bought some pickled garlic which had been marinated in chilli dressing which was absolutely scrummy so I'm now inspired to try make some myself. Have trauled through google but haven't found anything yet. Thanks in advance

Kelly1978 Tue 24-May-05 11:53:37

Don't know if u are still lookign for this, but we love garlic pickle too. So nice with parathas. Anyway, here's a recipe -

Indian Garlic Pickle


30 garlic cloves
8 limes
8 dry red chilies
1 ts fenugreek (indian spice)
2 ts oil
1 ts salt


Halve the garlic cloves if they are too large. Do not wash them.
Squeeze the limes and pour the juice into a glass jar or bottle with
a plastic cover. Add the cloves and salt and mix well. Keep aside for
3 days at room temp. or in the fridge.

Heat the oil and on a low heat, stir the red chilies until they are
brown (not charred). Remove and set aside to cool. Roast the
fenugreek in the remaining oil (it can also be dry roasted). Cool.
Grind the two in a mortar and pestle or a spice grinder. Add to the
garlic lime juice mixture. This pickle may be used in a couple of
days and stays up to three months in the fridge.

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