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Help with roast pork needed please....

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wangle99 Sun 24-Apr-05 11:30:33

I'm a bit of a rubbish cook but am attempting to do a roast for this evening.

I have a shoulder of pork to roast and want to do roast potatoes.

What's the best way to cook the pork? It always ends up a bit tough when I do it! Also any ideas for the potatoes?



Enid Sun 24-Apr-05 11:38:44

don't cook it for too long - it will go dry if you do.

have you got crackling on it? If so, cut it off and score the fat that is left on. Chuck it in a roasting tin with a glass of water and roast for the minimum time you think it needs. Let it stand, covered in foil, for 10 mins at the end.

Enid Sun 24-Apr-05 11:39:03

I like mash with roast pork

suzywong Sun 24-Apr-05 11:44:18

or you could slow cook it, you've just got time, takes 4 hours

score and salt and pepper it rubbing it in well

mix up a tablespoon of olive oil and a squirt of lemon juice and any a little mustard and a little bit of brown sugar for later

put it in a very high oven for 2o minutes until fat crisps up and the outside looks cooked then brush with the olive oil marinade, cover with foil and return to oven set at 150 degrees centrigrade or GM3 or the bottom of the aga and baste it with this marinade every 45 minutes for the next 3 hours

melts in the mouth

ks Sun 24-Apr-05 11:49:47

Message withdrawn

wangle99 Sun 24-Apr-05 12:04:20

Thanks so much! I do have time so will go with sw Sounds lovely.

Any ideas for nice roast potatoes?


suzywong Sun 24-Apr-05 12:11:17

hold on, in the face of so much postive attention I will dig out my original

this is a bit more elaborate and I really am just showing off:

2lb shoulder of pork with rind
1 tablespoon of fennel seeds
Small clove of garlic
Pinch of crushed chillis
Sea or coarse salt and white pepper
Juice I lemon
2 tablespoons of olive oil
Juice half an orange
Slug of maple syrup

Oven on at 240 centigrade or as high as it will go
Roasting tin and rack

Score rind of meat
Pound fennel seeds, garlic, salt and chilli ( I sieved the mixture when I had pounded enough because I don't like chewing fennel seed husks but you don't have to)
Rub in to the meat and put in oven for 30 minutes until skin crisps and bubbles
Turn oven down to 140 degrees centigrade, or about a quarter of it's power,yr take out meat and turn on it's side. Baste with lemon juice and 1 tablespoon of oil and return to oven
Mix remaining oil, orange juice and syrup and use this as a basting mixture for the remainder of the cooking time.
I cooked it for about 4 hours and the outstanding part of this recipe is that you can slice off the crusty outer layers for snacking purposes, baste the pink meat with syrup mix and pan juices, shove it back in the oven andmore gorgeous crust develops.

tiffini Sun 24-Apr-05 12:13:30

i half deep fat fry my roasties before putting them in the oven, not very healthy, but what the hell.

JanH Sun 24-Apr-05 12:15:16

For roasties, parboil for about 10 mins, drain, season and then give a bloody good shake in suacepan (with lid on, ideally ) to rough up the outside, they end up gloriously crunchy that way. (Oh, and get fat v hot in roasting tin before putting them in so they don't get soggy.)

Enid Sun 24-Apr-05 12:15:45

that sounds yummy suzi - have still to make your brownies but they sound good too!

tiffini Sun 24-Apr-05 12:35:29

i am gonna do my roasties today by your suggestion, how long do they need to be in the oven for

JanH Sun 24-Apr-05 12:39:52

Hi, tiffini - about 45 mins, on the top shelf if you have them in their own tin. (We always have to have ours in a separate tin from the meat because there are a lot of us and we eat a lot of roasties, no room around the meat!)

tiffini Sun 24-Apr-05 12:40:36


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