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Sparkler's Sunday Roast update...

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SPARKLER1 Sun 24-Apr-05 08:34:48

It's chicken today!!!!!

Twiglett Sun 24-Apr-05 08:37:52

Now I'm sitting here wasting a few minutes whilst children seem to be happy playing on their own (ahh the joy of being almost a year old and being looked after by your 4 year old brother )so I thought I'd pop in

something tells me I've missed a whole story behind the Sparkler-ettes sunday lunch

still Congratulations on the chicken (I guess)

MarsLady Sun 24-Apr-05 08:39:51

And what will accompany your chicken oh sparkly one?

jambo1707 Sun 24-Apr-05 09:00:27

we will have beef bourginon today with rice and veg for a wee change- aint had this before.

made the hugest sunday roast last week for our visitors want an easy one today

LGJ Sun 24-Apr-05 09:02:59

Oh God, hope Cod doesn't see this

MarsLady Sun 24-Apr-05 09:06:06

I have no idea what we are having today because I'm NOT cooking

honeybunny Sun 24-Apr-05 09:11:44

I'm joining you with Roast chicken here too Sparkler. That's if my 3 will let me. dh working again today. He'll have to make do with leftovers. Roast tatties done in duck fat, yummy!

Freckle Sun 24-Apr-05 09:27:44

DS2 found a recipe for roast chicken and veg, so demanded that I buy a chicken. I have done that and it is now down to DS2 to cook it!

MarsLady Sun 24-Apr-05 20:11:45

Freckle, did your son cook the roast then?

SPARKLER1 Sun 24-Apr-05 20:59:11

Didn't have roast in the end. Dh has been suffering with a hangover all day so I took the kids out. Shall have it tomorrow instead.

Freckle Mon 25-Apr-05 11:25:25

No. We had to go to a St. George's day parade in town and, by the time we got back, it was too late. We had something quick and easy instead, but ds2 did cook the pudding - Sticky Gecko Pudding from Planet Cook.

He will be doing the roast chicken for dinner this evening. We don't normally have a cooked meal for the boys in the evening as they have school lunches and a number of after school activities, but the chicken won't keep until the weekend, so we'll make an exception today.

Freckle Mon 25-Apr-05 21:19:31

If you're still interested, ds2 (9) cooked roast chicken with rosemary roasted potatoes and mixed veg today. He wouldn't let me help at all (which was a shame because he was taking such a long time peeling all the potatoes ). Ds1 (11) made lemon meringue pie too. Then I got to clear up........

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