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I have just made Nigella's banans muffins and they were a disaster....

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MarthaFarquhar Sat 04-Apr-09 16:01:12

...there was not enough mix to make the suggested amount, they were practically burnt after less than the suggested cooking time, and frankly a bit "meh" even after the burnt bit have been removed. I am far from a novice baker, so thought a recipe designed for children would be well within my powers, but I have failed.

anyway, I now really, really want to bake something nice and banana-y. Does anyone have a good recipe that might prove a bit more reliable.


CountessDracula Sat 04-Apr-09 16:04:39

god nigella's baking recipes are shite

wannaBe Sat 04-Apr-09 16:06:31

I've never rated Nigella.

MarthaFarquhar Sat 04-Apr-09 16:08:41

I know, I should have considered the Apple and Walnut Incident of 2006 a warning, but with Nige there's always a few diamonds in the rough. Honestly, there's only about 4 ingredients, it's madness that they're so foul.

Quattrocento Sat 04-Apr-09 16:09:52

Every single Nigella recipe I have tried has not worked.

Frumpy old Delia though - they work every time.

It's all in the marketing IMO

MarthaFarquhar Sat 04-Apr-09 16:11:00

Has Delia got a banana muffin/bread/cake recipe? I now have unresolved cravings....

Uriel Sat 04-Apr-09 16:11:58

There's a Banana Teabread recipe on the Be-Ro site, if you fancy making it.
It's listed under biscuits and cookies. Can't seem to link directly to it. hmm

ThursdayNext Sat 04-Apr-09 16:12:27

It's not a good recipe, I agree
She does have lots of good ones though

cyteen Sat 04-Apr-09 16:16:36

banana fudge cookies

banana cake

My waistline can vouch for both of these blush

MarthaFarquhar Sat 04-Apr-09 16:17:55

Uriel that looks lovely. I might pop out for the extra ingredients after the National smile.

Quattrocento Sat 04-Apr-09 16:17:57

Recipes of Nigells that I have failed with

Butterscotch layer cake
Rhubarb cornmeal cake
Christmas creme brulee

I even failed with the brownies ...

I've checked my Delia books and not found a recipe, sorry.

MarthaFarquhar Sat 04-Apr-09 16:20:40

DH managed a perfectly respectable butterscotch layer cake last week. But it's a good job you warned me about the rhubarb cornmeal cake as that was next on my to-do list.

I would also add the Christmas Cake, and the Appla and Walnut cake as ones to avoid.

Northernlurker Sat 04-Apr-09 16:23:09

My Nigella Christmas cake was amazing!

I managed the butterscotch cake too but it was a close run thing.

The flapjacks on the other hand were a disaster.

HarlotOTara Sat 04-Apr-09 16:25:17

I like Nigella's recipes and they usually work for me. Have actually made the butterscotch cake, creme brulee and rhubarb cornmeal cake (didn't like this one) and they all came out fine. The flapjacks were rubbish tho' but I think there is a misprint in the recipe.

What is so bad about the apple and walnut cake? Is this the one using walnut oil?

ThursdayNext Sat 04-Apr-09 16:25:26

I think the rhubarb cornmeal cake is really good

tattycoram Sat 04-Apr-09 16:26:22

I agree, nothing I've made from Nigella has worked. I've chucked her books out now

MarthaFarquhar Sat 04-Apr-09 16:27:12

cyteen, I've bookmarked your linked, thank-you.

MarthaFarquhar Sat 04-Apr-09 16:27:25

links, even.

Stinkyfeet Sat 04-Apr-09 16:28:25

Delia' banana and walnut loaf smile

Northernlurker Sat 04-Apr-09 16:28:40

I made the nutella cake and the sour cream chocolate cake too and they were both fine. Also the rocky road bars - but there's not a lot to go wrong there!

Grumpyoldcaaaaaaaa Sat 04-Apr-09 16:38:10

I make Nigella's banana bread, leaving out the walnuts and sultanas/raisins and it works beautifully every time, 'Tis my favourite cake. I cook it for an hour tops, though, usually 45 mins, not as long as she says. Her chocolate orange cake is wonderful, molten chocolate babycakes always work, lemon syrup cake works every time............

Gary Rhodes is good for baking, everything of his has worked.

PinkTulips Sat 04-Apr-09 17:17:19

delia's banana recipes

salome64 Sat 04-Apr-09 23:39:37

I have come to the conclusion that Nigella has a) a very strange palate and b) her oven differs in every respect to everyone elses.

Loved the prose. recipes suck.

gonaenodaethat Sat 04-Apr-09 23:47:48

I have a muffin one that satisfied my pregnancy craving. I'll post it tomorrow.
It's dead quick and works every time.

PinkTulips Sun 05-Apr-09 11:36:41

i've made alot of nigellas christmas stuff and it was lovely but am terrified to try her baking now!

and there's a brilliant wheat free cake she does with clementines and almonds that i wanted to make for dd too....

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