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Sugar substitute

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Meanmum Mon 14-Apr-03 16:23:15

You probably all know this but I was very excited on the weekend when in Asda I found they were selling Splenda.

Splenda is a sugar substitute which, for those of us trying to lose weight, you can use to cook with. It is derived from natural sugar so I find it doesn't have that aftertase other sweetners do and as said it is fantastic to cook cakes with etc which cuts down the calorie content. I haven't found any other sugar substitutes you can do this with so thought I would let you all know in case you need to substitute sugar at times like I do.

This message honestly does not convey the excitement I felt on the weekend. Boy my life has changed so much!!!!!

jenz Tue 15-Apr-03 20:59:01

has it got loads less cals.if so will try.theres hardly any difference between weight watchers baked beans and normal ones(cept the ww ones taste horrid)does this stuff taste ok? its on my sl!

Meanmum Tue 15-Apr-03 21:02:10

I think it tastes fine and use it on my cereal without that awful aftertaste. It is classified the same as an artificial sweetener so therefore no calories. What I like is that you can bake with it as well which is not the case with other artificial sweeteners. I hope you like it.

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