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Highchair time already?

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learningasigo Mon 18-Apr-05 13:17:17

I thought things got easier after 3 months or is that just wishful thinking?!
ds is adorable. talking, smiling, eating his fingers, slobbering all over my shoulders etc
but feeding time is becoming a nightmare!
we use bfree (dr brown) bottles to help with wind and until a week ago ds was fine. bottle, sit up, burp, repeat, job done.
suddenly about a week ago after only a bit of the bottle ds is screaming. it takes ages to settle him and then tentatively try a little more milk which sometimes he'll take other times not.
He then had really bad 'trumptons' (don't ask) so we thought he'd just got a bad tum.
Vaccinations last Fri so unhappy, not hungry baby all weekend. This morning had 7 oz bottle so thought wha-hey, back to normal.
4 hrs later ready for feed took 1 oz and screamed. no wind but as soon as he wasn't on my shoulder he screamed. eventually put him in swing and had a break. 2 hrs later he surely must be hungry. started sucking, 30 secs later, screams all round. tried for another 30 mins then back into swing. finally in desperation (we were supposed to be going out this morning for nice shopping trip - maybe as typical man he just didn't want to? ) he was eating his fingers in the swing so tried feeding him there.
took 4 oz - not great but no screams. so to go all round the houses my question is 'is it time for a highchair'?
i showered this morning so don't think i smell bad. bottles, milk, temp etc all the same.
if i get a highchair suitable from birth i can recline it and feed in here - we'll need one at some point anyway.
i can't feed him in swing much more, my back and knees won't take it! never realised how difficult it was to balance a swing at the right angle, hold a bottle and catch drips whilst bending down. i know, unfit and getting old or what!
anyone else been here? (odd feeding positions or highchair at 13 weeks?)
wow! what a monster post for such a simple question.

elsmommy Mon 18-Apr-05 14:24:51

Don't really know about the highchair-never had this problem. I was just thinking maybe your ds is teething and thats why hes having problems feeding...

learningasigo Mon 18-Apr-05 17:44:45

thanks for your reply elsmommy.
we did wonder if he was starting with teething, i'd read that their gums can start to get ready around 3 months and he is trying to get his fingers in his mouth as often as possible.
also wondered if he could be a bit constipated as he didn't poo all weekend and yesterdays was harder than usual. we've given him a drink of boiled water in between feeds and will do for the next few days to see if that helps.
any advice elsmommy if he is starting to teeth? we've got the teething rings that go in the fridge.

Seona1973 Mon 18-Apr-05 20:02:20

might your lo be ready for a faster teat? Maybe thats why he's getting frustrated as the milk isnt coming out fast enough for him now he's a bit bigger

learningasigo Tue 19-Apr-05 09:49:56

will try the faster teats. we are still using the level 1 new baby ones. hadn't thought about moving on but ds is over 3 mnths now and certainly doesn't dribble milk like he used to when sucking.
will give it a go. cheers.
ds did the mother of all monster poos last night so we'll see if a poorly tum was contributing. also got highchair yesterday eve so now have a few things to try.

learningasigo Tue 19-Apr-05 14:31:11

changed to faster teats but still screaming after a few sucks.
tried highchair which worked ok this morning. no screams but not quite reclined enough to drink bottle.
tried bouncer this afternoon. don't want to feed ds in here but it worked so going with it for now.
trying holding him first then if screams moving on to bouncer or chair. going to stay with faster teats as feeds are quicker and ds seems ok with them.
evening feed and early hrs feed he seems more chilled and will be nursed.
owell, whatever works...

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