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Oven out of action, microwave only for a week!

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milge Mon 18-Apr-05 13:05:07

My oven has died and the part is being fitted next week (!), so am on microwave only. HELP!
Not great with the microwave, and don't want to rely on ready meals for the next 8 days. Its a micro only,about 18m old, not a normal oven as well, and is 850W. Have just about managed scrambled eggs on toast for lunch, - what about the next 8 days please, how can i do pasta/meat etc? Recipes and micro instructions/links needed please! TIA

crazyandconfused Mon 18-Apr-05 13:08:58

Dont have a microwave but if your weather is as bad as ours how about some baked potatoes with different fillings, cheese and beans are my favourite, or you could try some of those steam fresh vegetables. Failing that have you tried an internet search for some microwave recipies?
Good luck and I hope you get your oven working soon!

iota Mon 18-Apr-05 13:10:25

do you have a hob or a camping stove? Lots of things you can cook with them. We also cook meat on out George Forman grill - now's you excuse to buy one

crazyandconfused Mon 18-Apr-05 13:12:21

IOTA can you jump into my brain for a day or two I like the way you think! I need some lessons!

iota Mon 18-Apr-05 13:17:22

thankyou C&C.

I'm just browsing my Good Housekeeing microwave cookbook- seema like you can cook most things in a microwave, especially in sauces.

There a recipes for soups, chicken wiht apple and cider, fricasse, bolognaise, hot-pot, fish pie...the list goes on.

never use mine though apart from defrosting and reheating

milge Mon 18-Apr-05 13:41:42

Googled to find out how to do scrambled eggs, but i think i'll see if amazon have got a decent m/wave cookery book. If only i was used to reheating ready meals, i'd be ok! Was going to do JO lemon chicken thighs tonight - maybe Jacket Potatoes instead!!

Noggermum Mon 18-Apr-05 13:47:30

I had the same problem when we had our kitchen re -done.

Jackets v. good. most veggies also v. good in microwave. never really mastered meat 90except bacon - mw's v well) but all types of fish cook very well in mw in a tub with with just a splash of water on and a couple of minutes for an average fillet piece. new covent garden soups good "ready meal" low salt/fat./sugar alternative for mw lunch. Sandwiches and salads galore!

but my favourite mw meal was - get my mum to cook loads of shepherds pies and lasagne's etc that i then just ahd to re-heat in the mw......

milge Wed 27-Apr-05 12:48:25

Its fixed, hooray! Can highly recommend a book called " classic 1000 microwave recipes" by Sonia allison, bought for £1.95 from amazon marketplace if anyone else find themselves similarly stuck - made a gorgeous honey and black pepper chicken risotto, and a very passable shepherds pie( without the browning bit). Am going to make a big roast chicken tonight to celebrate being able to cook again.

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