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what does your 15 mth old eat

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hazlinh Sun 17-Apr-05 04:56:07

just wanted to know what your 15mth old eats, from brekkie dd is never interested in what's in her bowl, and always wants to eat whats on ours- ie food with salt, sugar etc!!

WideWebWitch Sun 17-Apr-05 07:25:30

My 16mo eats
a bottle first thing
toast with marmite/peanut butter for breakfast
assorted fruit, bananas, raisins, apples, strawberries, sometimes organic oat bars as snacks or a few marmite rice cakes
lunch might be avocado, beans, lentil hotpot, grated cheese, straberries, yoghurts
supper might be peanut butter sandwiches if she had something substantial at lunch or mini organic pizza with baby sweetcorn and peas
So sometimes we might all have the same thing, sometimes not. If your dd is interested in what you're eating, couldn't she just have the same but with no salt? Is it homemade? There isn't much a 15mo can't eat so she could share your food I'd have thought. Unless you're eating processed high salt/fat/sugar ready meals full of hydrogenated oils in which case I'd say no.

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