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HELP!! 7 month old will only eat jars!

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Dumpy Sat 16-Apr-05 15:42:55

Does anyone have any ideas on how to tempt my 7 month old with proper food? I'm a rubbish cook anyway but she always refuses to open her mouth after one taste! I always end up opening a jar of baby food. Also has anyone any EASY recipe ideas as I've ran out of them. Tried all sorts of veg, chicken, etc. Any good pasta ideas? They seem to be her fave.

wheresmyfroggy Sat 16-Apr-05 15:48:58

Macaroni with a pureed veg and tomato sauce?

Chicken and apricots (our dd went mad for this and it's really easy)?

chipmonkey Sat 16-Apr-05 16:06:14

If she's gotten used to the taste of jars what you could try doing is mixing the jars with "real" food and then gradually reducing the amount of jarred food till its all "real" food. Do you have any baby food cookbooks like Annabel Karmel etc?

elsmommy Sat 16-Apr-05 16:13:27

My dd would only eat jars, when she was 1 we decided she needed to eat proper food so we just stopped buying the jars!!
When she got hungry she ate it!!
We started off with cheese and potato pie and cottage pie. She also prefered it when I fed her off my plate.
But she had been eating things like chips and crisps for quite a while.
Don't know if any of that helps!! Oh and they do jars up to 12 months anyway - those 1s have got chunky bits in so I guess that helps the child get used to proper food too.

Dumpy Sat 16-Apr-05 22:29:01

Thanks for the tips! I know I should already have a baby cook book but I don't! I'm off to the shops tomorrow to buy one! Will try the mixing jars with proper food, got a feeling that will work. Thankyou!x

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