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Does it matter if my flour is a year out of date or should I chuck it?

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soon2befamilyof4 Fri 06-Mar-09 14:25:15

As the title says really. I am sorting out my kitchen and both plain and SR flour is nearly a year out of date - is there any point in keeping it?

jeminthecity Fri 06-Mar-09 14:26:31

Nah, its not that expensive to buy some more.
Just chuck it

apostrophe Fri 06-Mar-09 14:26:43

Message withdrawn

ForeverOptimistic Fri 06-Mar-09 14:27:27

Flour tends to be one of the few things where I ignore sell by dates. If it looks ok it is useable.

pagwatch Fri 06-Mar-09 14:27:59

you may find that you don't get as good results - especially if baking and with the self raising. I would chuck personally

claireybeemine Fri 06-Mar-09 14:28:11

Check for weevils too! Or use it to make playdoh if you are worried about it

sagacious Fri 06-Mar-09 14:29:04

When I was at school the old Home Ed teacher retired. The new teacher came in and asked us to help sort out the stock cupboard.

Lots of tupperware, labelled flour. I opened one of them to check the date

About 2 years old of date, then I noticed the flour was moving... half of it was weevils...

If in doubt chuck it out

WowOoo Fri 06-Mar-09 14:29:10

I just hucked out a load of stuff. Going back to 2004!
have been using our floor which is just a yar out of date and all fine. Look closely to see if there are any weevils though. Think it's usually in old old flour.

sagacious Fri 06-Mar-09 14:29:49

x post clairey !

They're particularly grim

soon2befamilyof4 Fri 06-Mar-09 14:34:23

shock dont know what they are but I am chucking!

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