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My daddy bought me a Le Creuset cassarole pot

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Coldtits Fri 06-Mar-09 14:10:05


I would never have been able to buy one for myself, not with the kids and their pesky footwear needs!

I have braising steak, I have mushrooms, I have a PLAN for tonight's dinner!

Lizzylou Fri 06-Mar-09 14:11:06

I love mine (wedding present)

Nice Dad, enjoy your dinner smile

sagacious Fri 06-Mar-09 14:15:59

I have been coveting le creuset, but I worry about how heavy they are (especially when full o delicious steak and mushrooms)

envy cookware and biceps

abroadandmisunderstood Fri 06-Mar-09 14:18:49

Ooooh, DH bought me one last week for my birthday. I havent christened it yet. Am not sure where to start but I have wanted one for years. i can't believe how excited I am about a dish...

choosyfloosy Fri 06-Mar-09 14:20:08

Get a wrist support. They are SOOOOO heavy.

Sorry, that was sheer envy. Enjoy your lovely casserole.

Coldtits Fri 06-Mar-09 14:54:08

My house is full of the aromas of garlic, beef, onions, peppers and mushrooms, bubbling away with pearl barley to thicken <<dribble>>

MrsMerryHenry Fri 06-Mar-09 14:55:05

Lucky you, Coldtits! I don't believe my father ever bought me anything in his life sad.

TheDevilWearsPrimark Fri 06-Mar-09 14:55:10

Ooh I love them .What colour do you have?

Coldtits Fri 06-Mar-09 14:58:33

It's cream. It's BIG, it must hold 4 or 5 litres, and barely fits in my winky little oven!

My dad has turned into Mr Guilty since he left Mum, although I think his girlfriend has a hand in a lot of his purchases.

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