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Any ideas?

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Fran1 Fri 15-Apr-05 16:37:09

Ok i have left over chicken and bacon. I am sooooo bored of my "ususal dinners" What can i do to jazz it up?

I was thinking of pasta, tin tomatoes and chucking in the meat. But does anyone have anymore exciting ideas, need to make a start in about half an hour!

RTMTMML Fri 15-Apr-05 16:38:29

and a little red wine

darlingbud Fri 15-Apr-05 16:39:43

Meat and Egg Loaf
mince it all up with onions, mushrooms, herbs. spread out in a rectangle and put two hard boiled egges in the centre. wrap up and put in a loaf tim (or similar). Cover with foil and cook on 190 for 40/45 minutes. Remove the foil the cook for further 10 minutes to brown the top.
serve with pasta or green vegetables.

Iklboo Fri 15-Apr-05 16:40:11

I add about 1/2 a pot of Pringles Salsa dip (mild or hot is up to your taste) - just adds a bit if zing to it

darlingbud Fri 15-Apr-05 16:40:31

or add some melted cheese to the top of your earlier suggesion and grill.

darlingbud Fri 15-Apr-05 16:41:18

slice into little bits and stir into boiled rice with some frozen peas and mushrooms and cheese for a risotto kind of thing.

darlingbud Fri 15-Apr-05 16:41:47

give to the dog and get a takeway (only joking) will havea think for some more.

darlingbud Fri 15-Apr-05 16:42:21

Omelettes - cheese, chicken and bacon.

ggglimpopo Fri 15-Apr-05 16:42:42

Message withdrawn

darlingbud Fri 15-Apr-05 16:44:04

use everything else but the pasta that you suggested earlier but wrap in pancakes and grill some cheese over the top like a fahita kind of thing.

darlingbud Fri 15-Apr-05 16:44:27

need any more??????

Fran1 Fri 15-Apr-05 16:44:50

wow, thx everyone.

Hmmmm now its i can't decide!

I do have an open bottle of red wine.

But the meat and egg loaf sounds particularly good never done anything like that.

sadly don't have any salsa dip in cupboard but will remember that one! and the cheese i wouldn't have thought of doing either.

hmmm decisions decisions.

Fran1 Fri 15-Apr-05 16:45:55

lol no i am spoilt for choice!

I do like the idea of giving to dog and having take away! but don't have a dog

Think i'm gonna do the meat loaf.

darlingbud Fri 15-Apr-05 16:47:11

I made the egg loaf for dinner last night using tukey mince so suppose its same thing when all processed together. I forgot to say put a tbsp of tomato puree in too, plus salt and pepper and a pich of nutmeg (optional) - this is very low fat too.

Newbarnsleygirl Fri 15-Apr-05 16:47:20

Cut the chicken in to bits and fry, at the same time grill the bacon. Cut the bacon when cooked and throw both chicken and bacon in to a bowl. Add mayonaise and honey and mix. Serve with jacket potato or pasta.

Very yummy.

darlingbud Fri 15-Apr-05 16:48:00

let me know how it turns out.

darlingbud Fri 15-Apr-05 16:49:54

I served mine with roasted vegetables - butternut squash, onions, tomatoes, leeks, peppers etc all diced and thrown in a tin with oil and spices such as morroccan, piri piri etc. lovely.

Fran1 Fri 15-Apr-05 16:50:49

Will do,

I don't have an actual mincer, but i'm assuming fine chopping will do just the same??!

I normally bodge things in the kitchen and they turn out alright so i'll give it a go.

darlingbud Fri 15-Apr-05 16:54:11

I don't have a mincer either - oops don't forget you need a raw egg to bind it (thats really improtant so don't forget)

I used food processor.

Fran1 Fri 15-Apr-05 16:55:53

ahhh! was just wondering how it will all stick together! I'm so glad i looked here before going down to start cooking that would have been disastrous.

Right i will now tear myself away to go cook dinner!

Ameriscot2005 Fri 15-Apr-05 16:57:04

Do you have a tin of tomatoes, or any fresh ones?

Fry an onion and some garlic (if you have a pepper, add that too). Add the chicken (bitesize) and chopped bacon. Add the red wine and let it reduce a bit, then the tomatoes, and a handful of sweetcorn, if you have it. Sprinkle on some mixed herbs and let it simmer for a bit, around 15 minutes. Serve over plain boiled rice.

If no tomatoes, I'd try to make a risotto with these ingredients.

Fran1 Fri 15-Apr-05 18:03:18

Ok meat loaf has just gone in the oven, chucked in some spinach and basil too hope it goes ok!!

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