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I've scoffed *3* cadbury's creme eggs today......

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SPARKLER1 Fri 15-Apr-05 16:21:26

What a complete and utter pig . Yummy though.

purpleturtle Fri 15-Apr-05 16:22:17

Good for you! Might have to nip out the shops again now.

pepsi Fri 15-Apr-05 16:27:11

Im going to do the same, but I justify it by saving my kids health. We still have a big stash of easter chocs left which will take them ages to eat. I shall be helping them out considerably!

compo Fri 15-Apr-05 16:27:56

I've started a diet today

SPARKLER1 Fri 15-Apr-05 16:32:25

Yep we still have Easter eggs left - 3 big, unopened ones sat on top of the fridge. MMMMMM

highlander Fri 15-Apr-05 17:42:40

oh Sparkler, what a great idea

haven't had one for ages. Honest

Nemo1977 Fri 15-Apr-05 17:43:04

oo yum am soo

binker Fri 15-Apr-05 17:57:04

I love the little bags of mini creme eggs,but can't find them anymore !

highlander Fri 15-Apr-05 18:30:32

unopened easter eggs???!!!!!
at your willpower!

Bearess Fri 15-Apr-05 18:34:18

only 7g fat though so could be much worse, yummmmmmmmm...

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