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undercooked egg

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rogan2001 Fri 15-Apr-05 08:58:49

my ds. 3.4yrs ussally has a boiled egg for breakfast, this morning when he nearly got to the end of it i noticed it was still stringy and had'nt been cooked long enuf, i am usually so carefull but in hurry this morning, now i am worried. Will it harm him?

JulieF Mon 18-Apr-05 00:59:44

Its very unlikely to harm him these days now that eggs are stamped with the lion mark and are salmonella free.

I often give runny eggs to my dd aged 3 and a half

NotQuiteCockney Mon 18-Apr-05 09:27:27

I think they're ok once the child is 2 or 3. You can give unpasteurised cow's milk from that age, too - the immune system is fairly strong by then.

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