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I'm a tofu novice-what do I do with it please?!

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SirPuke Mon 02-Mar-09 12:34:17

I have just bought mu first packet of 'Silken', firm tofu. Please, please can somebody suggest a simple recipe. I'd also like my 7 month old and possibly 4 year old to try some. I cook mainly vegetarian food at home so we're used to meat free meals.

Thank you very very much in advance!

instantfamily Mon 02-Mar-09 12:55:18

chuck it in the blender with any kind of cream of ... soup.

or cut it into "steaks" and fry up any spice combos your kids will eat and fry the tofu steak in that.

as for 7 month old: just blend the tofu with whatever else you were serving - add a spoonful of olive oil and grated parmesan cheese in with it if he doesn't like the taste of tofu. that's what my italian ILs do.

aubergenie Mon 02-Mar-09 18:01:39

It's important to press the moisture out of the tofu if you want to cut it into cubes and fry it, otherwise it just collapses. Wrap it in a clean tea towel, put it on a plate and weigh it down with another plate and something heavy. You will need to squeeze out the tea towel every now and again as it will release quite a bit of water.

Once you've done that, cut it into cubes and marinate in ginger, garlic, soy sauce etc for a stir fry.

You can also use it in some desserts, depending on what kind it is.

Some tofu information here

SirPuke Tue 03-Mar-09 13:56:46

Sorry-only just got back to this.

Thanks loads for your

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