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I want to be more vegetarian, but I don't want to cook separate meals.

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Isaidno Mon 02-Mar-09 12:02:48

Any ideas for recipes which I can add meat to for dh? He doesn't mind veggie food once a week, but isn't very keen really.

I love pulses and stuff, but he doesn't.

Also have 2 ds (4 and 5yo) and dd (8 mths blw) to cater for and I definitely do not want to cook different things for everyone!!

tiggerlovestobounce Mon 02-Mar-09 12:03:21

Have you tried Quorn?

Isaidno Mon 02-Mar-09 12:06:21

I like quorn and the kids like it.
Should prob give it to dh and not tell him...

Cies Mon 02-Mar-09 12:13:37

What about basing your meals around veggie things, with the option of having a small steak/pork chop/chicken breast fillet on the side that your DH could fry in 5 minutes?

I'm thinking things like ratatouille, vegetable and lentil curry, vegetable stews, stirfries etc.

If you don't mind cooking with meat but just fishing it out at the end (not sure how "vegetarian" you want to be), then things like paella could work as well.

chipmonkey Mon 02-Mar-09 12:49:07

Dh got very confused once when I gave him Quorn "chicken" pieces once. He said with each mouthful he was saying to himself "It's chicken. No it's not chicken. No, it is chicken. No it's not chicken......"
But he did eat it all!grin

Othersideofthechannel Mon 02-Mar-09 13:04:02

I don't eat meat but everyone else does.

Recently we have had:

rice with choice of meat stew or lentils (I batch cook so one time the meat thing will be fresh and the veggie option from the freezer and next time the other way round)

spinach risotto with optional ham

steak or eggs (or both!) with chips and veg

filled jacket potatoes with choice of fillings: it's not much extra work to divide the potato mix and add bits of bacon or whatever to one and not the other

fajitas, veggies done in one pan, chicken done in another

I don't seem to have to do that much extra cooking but there are more pans involved because I won't eat an egg that has been fried next to a steak.

Othersideofthechannel Mon 02-Mar-09 13:04:42

There are lots of lovely veggie soups that can be followed with bread, cheese and cold meat

Isaidno Mon 02-Mar-09 17:07:45

cies - i am tending to just add a piece of meat for dh at the mo.
I want to be more veggie for health, and to save money more than because I don't like meat - so I wouldn't cook something then fish the meat out.

Soup is a good idea - thanks otherside for the other ideas too.

BandyG Tue 03-Mar-09 16:51:19

How about stir fries? Then your partner can add his meat in at the end (or stir fry it separately in a pan and then just mix it on his plate with the vegie stir fry).

We have omelettes in our house quite a bit which my dp can have meat in and me have cheese or mushrooms.

There are also curry sauces that can form the base of a good chicken curry or veg one.

Isaidno Wed 04-Mar-09 21:09:49

Thanks bandy - I love omelettes so that is a good idea.

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