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What cook-in sauces would you recommend?

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Milliways Thu 14-Apr-05 18:15:37

Ok - I admit it, I cheat a lot & like cook-in-sauces / packet mixes to speed up the process of feeding my family after work.

My DS loves Sizzle n Stir Korma, and I have tried lots of curry sauces. However, would like to know if others cheat, & what is good?

Thanks in advance

spykid Thu 14-Apr-05 18:18:12

Definately, anything that saves time is good in my books
Love the dolmio bolognese when feeling lazy.
Also like the scala pasta sauces,...whole cherry tomatoes in them , mmmm

lavenderrr Thu 14-Apr-05 18:19:42

sometimes buy Chicken tonight "Spanish Chasseur" or "Honey and Mustard" if feeling like throwing things in the oven, Lord something or other Green Thai curry paste...scrummy and those Pataks Coriander and lemon type ones go down a storm (absolutely hate Homepride though, tastes like cardboard).

snafu Thu 14-Apr-05 18:22:08

Another vote for those sacla pasta sauces - saved me on many occasions. The pestos are yummy.

bundle Thu 14-Apr-05 18:23:20

make my own pasta once a week these days, it's much nicer

kama Thu 14-Apr-05 18:25:56

Message withdrawn

triceratops Thu 14-Apr-05 18:26:10

lloyd grossman one with the olives is nice. Most of them scare me off when I read the ingredients, if it is not something I have in my food cupboard I don't want to eat it (locust bean gum does not sound tasty to me)

snafu Thu 14-Apr-05 18:27:11

Ooooh, I think it sounds rather exotic, triceratops

Twiglett Thu 14-Apr-05 18:27:32

Lloyd Grossman Tomato and Basil makes a great base for lasagne and bolognese and is also nice straight onto pasta with lots of parmesan

Sacla red and green pesto always in the house and open

Milliways Thu 14-Apr-05 18:28:43

Can i have your recipoe bundle - i've tried a few but laziness takes me back to ragu & friends.

bundle Thu 14-Apr-05 18:29:03

think the loyd grossman puttanesca one (i think that's the olivey one) is OK - find the others a bit too sweet/artificial tasting. for curries i use a dollop of patak's curry paste (usually madras), a tin of tomatoes and a tin of coconut milk with the meat/veg and simmer for a long time.

Milliways Thu 14-Apr-05 18:30:23

Never heard of Sacla - where do you all get it from?

snafu Thu 14-Apr-05 18:30:34

Bundle, do you mean you make pasta or pasta sauce?

spykid Thu 14-Apr-05 18:30:44


bundle Thu 14-Apr-05 18:31:25

i think it's a hybrid of the jamie oliver/nigel slater one - ie i'm not v strict on quantities! - but around a handful of pine nuts with a crushed clove of garlic, two or three handsful of basil leaves, whizz in processor and add extra virgin olive oil gradually until gooey but not sloppy. i also add a squirt of lemon juice. then fold in finely grated parmesan and keep in a screwtop jar in fridge. you may want to add more olive oil when you use it if it's thick

ambrosia Thu 14-Apr-05 18:31:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bundle Thu 14-Apr-05 18:31:56

i meant pesto!!!!!

Milliways Thu 14-Apr-05 18:32:32

Yum - Thanks

LGJ Thu 14-Apr-05 18:39:34


I was just wondering where you were, last night, nice to see you, or have you been here on other threads ?

kama Thu 14-Apr-05 18:42:04

Message withdrawn

LGJ Thu 14-Apr-05 18:42:47

Loyd Grossman has a Dhansak one, that is nice if you add some garlic, and a tin of tomatoes and a tin of chick peas, simmer for a while. Yum and just nicely spicy.

cod Thu 14-Apr-05 19:10:51

Message withdrawn

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