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Roast chicken

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Peckarollover Thu 14-Apr-05 15:51:53

I have a full roast chicken and cant think what to do with it.

I made roast chicken with all the trimmings yesterday so dont want to do that again!

Any ideas?

desperatehousewife Thu 14-Apr-05 15:53:00

Chicken stir fry?
Chicken and leek pie?
chicken cesear salad?

Peckarollover Thu 14-Apr-05 15:53:41

Wouldnt know where to begin with chicken and leek pie

Have no noodles in for stir fry

have no parmesan or leaves for ceasar!

LucyJones Thu 14-Apr-05 15:54:11

One of my favourites is roast chicken pieces, pasta, sweetcorn, mayonniase and cheese all mixed in. You could add other veg you want. It's yummy!!

desperatehousewife Thu 14-Apr-05 15:55:34

chicken with a pile of yummy roasted vegetables?

fairyfly Thu 14-Apr-05 15:55:34

Chicken Soup

Twiglett Thu 14-Apr-05 15:58:05

chicken and mushroom (or leek) with a white sauce and some garlic - in a pie or with rice

Twiglett Thu 14-Apr-05 15:58:32

chicken sandwiches

bundle Thu 14-Apr-05 15:58:55


tarantula Thu 14-Apr-05 15:59:30

risotto with some of the chicken and the bones for stock (jsut boil for an hour or so). Use the rest of the chicken to make sandwiches for tomorrow.

Or have chicken and salad picnic indoors in the front room floor with a rug down as a surprise treat.

expatinscotland Thu 14-Apr-05 16:04:12

Use a food processer to grind the chicken into tiny bits. Then make chicken salad sandwiches and go on a picnic.

I also freeze the bones and defrost them when I'm ready to make stock (or you can freeze the stock).

cod Thu 14-Apr-05 16:07:45

Message withdrawn

leander Thu 14-Apr-05 16:21:57

Chicken fajitas?

Peckarollover Thu 14-Apr-05 16:22:19

I have just chopped up peppers, red onion, carrots and potatoes and stuck them in to roast

That should suffice served with the chicken shouldnt it

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