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Simple Hot and Sour soup please

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OnlyWantsOne Fri 27-Feb-09 18:32:48

I really crave it, and according to Nigella, it looks bloomin complicated for me, so please, any one --

tried and tested simple hot and sour?

NoNickname Fri 27-Feb-09 18:39:22

I make one but can't for the life of me find my recipe.

Have Googled though and it's fairly similar to this:

Although I make a veggie version without chicken, don't use cornflour or egg, but do add some tomato puree.

LadyMuck Fri 27-Feb-09 18:43:13

I use Gordon's one from the Cookalong

OnlyWantsOne Fri 27-Feb-09 19:43:19

yummmmmmy want one with prawns

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