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Why are all my favourite foods so high in cholesterol!!!!

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colditz Wed 13-Apr-05 22:41:34

Eggs, prawns, pate, butter, cream, pistachio nuts.

Given enough bread, I would happily live on the above for the rest of my life. However, my father has very high cholesterol despite a very healthy diet, so I feel that I should avoid foods that are high in cholesterol.

So why are my tastebuds drawn to the bloody stuff? Why can't I like lettuce, or apples?

mummytosteven Wed 13-Apr-05 22:41:53

coz fat is nice and tasty!

mummytosteven Wed 13-Apr-05 22:42:18

and lettuce is so dull and can be so limp when you eat out. i'ld rather have a glass of water

jane313 Wed 13-Apr-05 22:43:54

Isn't there something different about the cholestrerol in prawns and egss though? Not so harmful or something?

colditz Wed 13-Apr-05 22:46:58

It's not the fat though, because I don't want olive oil! It's as if my stomach is locked on self destruct!

GeorginaA Thu 14-Apr-05 09:23:08

I thought eggs were good now. Especially Columbus eggs (which I have just bought!) as they're high in Omega 3s.

Eat without guilt

WideWebWitch Thu 14-Apr-05 20:18:38

Eggs are good, definitely. Just not fried if dieting! I gather even the scare about cholesterol in eggs was over the top.

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