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He Ate Something!

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NotQuiteCockney Wed 13-Apr-05 12:11:39

DS2 is now 6.5 months. I started offering tastes of solids a few weeks before 6m, expecting him to be interested. He's generally seen food as a sort of game, but nothing he'd actually swallow. I've given baby mush, table scraps, bread sticks, rice cakes, and all of it got pretty much the same reaction. For almost a month now. He's a big boy. He's exclusively breastfed, which I'm happy with, but I'd like to stop being so bloody hungry all the time myself. I'd like to stop feeding him in the night, and I suspect getting some protein down him would help with that.

But today, finally, he had most of a cube of lamb and carrot puree (with onions in)! Ok, I'd rather he moved to table scraps as soon as possible, but he ate something! Competantly, and with great enthusiasm! And it was home-made, and not sweet! (I have tried dried apricot puree, and also mashed banana.)

TracyK Wed 13-Apr-05 12:13:13

hooray - well done!

keren143 Wed 13-Apr-05 22:28:40

my ds is 9 months old and I have JUST started to get a handle on feeding him solids. I have been trying (everything!) since he was 6 months and was getting really stressed out because he is quite petite. Whenever a spoon gets near his mouth, he just clamps it shut.

But I found a few weeks ago that if i put him in front of a baby einstein DVD, he gets really mesmerised and distracted, and then if i give him a spoon or something to play with, he opes his mouth to put it in, and then I sneak in some food. It's really tricky, but it works. i dont know if he has gained weight, but i am happy that i have found a way to get him to eat - even though it is a bit devious.

Also, I carry around nutri-grain bars with me, and every now and then i will pop a piece into his mouth and he likes to suck on it and eats the whole thing pretty quickly.

Hope that helps - good luck!

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