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Potential weaning probs with 6 mo?

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chicaguapa Wed 13-Apr-05 08:34:13

DS is 5 months & 1 week. Milk (now forumla) is still satisfying him so I haven't started weaning him yet.

DD (now 3) was weaned at bang on 16 weeks (I just couldn't wait!) and I had no problems with getting her to take baby rice, drink water from a cup etc. Of course now is a different story but that's another thread!

When I put DS onto bottles a month ago we had problems getting him to feed with a teat and even now he'll only drink with a Avent 2 teat. He refuses a 3. So he seems a stubborn little mite.

My wonderings are whether I should start with weaning now before he gets EVEN more aware of what's going on around him? I'd really like to start his water from a cup straight away (an Avent bottle with spout to fool him) to help the transition to a cup but I think he's just going to refuse water full stop.

Should I just wait 3 weeks as it's not going to make much difference anyway or shall I start now while he's not hungry and less likely to be in a flap?

Bozza Wed 13-Apr-05 08:41:17

I would wait the 3 weeks if I was you. I had a hell of a job getting my DS to take the bottle and no trouble at all with weaning until he got to 9-10 months and decided he had to feed himself. And that wasn't really trouble (he still ate loads) just mess. Also had trouble with DD re - taking bottle although not as bad as with DS. And at 11 months she eats great - family foods, with the odd spat about who's in charge. She ate solids like a pro though from the moment they were introduced which was later than DS because of the guidelines changing.

Basically I don't think you can compare trouble to take the bottle with trouble taking to solids.

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