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Urgent advice needed.... Too much salt!

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cardy Sat 21-Feb-09 19:08:46

Help! Have made Thai fish curry for dinner party and it's too salty, think I've put too much fish sauce in it.

Is there anything I can do? Add suger???there were 2 teaspoons in the recipe? Help! Add anything else?

Cies Sat 21-Feb-09 19:11:27

Add a peeled potato and cook for a bit more. The potato will absorb the salt. Then remove.

BecauseImWorthIt Sat 21-Feb-09 19:12:42

One thing I've read about was to put a peeled potato into it and cook for a bit longer - but I'm guessing that with fish curry that the fish might disintegrate.

Could you perhaps drain all the solids out of the sauce and make another/some more sauce?

cardy Sat 21-Feb-09 19:13:28

Really? That's fab! Dh peeling now!

cardy Sat 21-Feb-09 19:17:19

Will leave the potato in there until I heat it later.... Might soak some of it up?

Glad greg and john aren't coming!

ABetaDad Sat 21-Feb-09 19:21:51

You could just double all the other sauce ingredients except the fish sauce.

If you double th evolume that would dilute the salt by half and you could save some of the surplus sauce for the freezer.

[DANGER: Scientist at work]

cardy Sat 21-Feb-09 19:24:24

Hanent got any more coconut milk....does the potato work?

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