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bbq flavour marinade

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ja9 Tue 12-Apr-05 17:27:03

hi. i used to have a recipe for a bbq marinade which IIRC included tomato ketchup, worchester sauce, honey, .. i think...

but i cant find it and have no idea about quantities etc... can anyone give me a similar type recipe please?

its for pork ribs if that makes any difference.


ja9 Tue 12-Apr-05 17:51:37


Yorkiegirl Tue 12-Apr-05 17:55:20

Message withdrawn

ja9 Tue 12-Apr-05 18:07:17

thanks YG

Milliways Tue 12-Apr-05 18:17:37

I have another one from an Asda magazine, no cooking, just LOADS of ketchup, honey etc,v.easy, and the recipe was for BBQ pork ribs - will find it if you like.

tassis Tue 12-Apr-05 18:32:19

mine is tom ketchup, soy sauce, grainy mustard and runny honey. About 2 tablespoons of each.

no idea if it works with pork ribs...

ja9 Tue 12-Apr-05 23:15:11

Tassis, yours sounds just like the one i used to do and was thinking of.

Yorkiegirl - I used your recipe and it was truly delicious. Dinner was lovely so thanks!

CountessDracula Tue 12-Apr-05 23:18:14

fry onions in olive oil until soft

squirt/lob in:

brown sauce
worcestershire sauce
brown sugar
english mustard

and cook for a bit

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