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What is PAK CHOI?

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soon2befamilyof4 Thu 19-Feb-09 18:23:47

I have a recipe for some spicy chicken fried rice that I am hoping to cook next week. I am just doing my meal planner and shopping list.

I asks for "2 Pak choi"?

Does anybody know what this is? I am fairly new to all this cooking from scratch lark!

MarmadukeScarlet Thu 19-Feb-09 18:24:35

Also known as Bok Choi, it is a small chinese cabagge thingy.

soon2befamilyof4 Thu 19-Feb-09 18:32:41

Oh ok!
Thanks for that.

soon2befamilyof4 Mon 23-Feb-09 16:54:18

I have them now, from an online shop. Seems loads. It is a recipe for chicken fried rice and it serves 4 people and asks for 2 pak choi. Seems an awful lot?

SobranieCocktail Mon 23-Feb-09 17:02:22

They wilt down to nothing when cooked

soon2befamilyof4 Mon 23-Feb-09 17:11:11

Oh ok! Thanks for that! I didn't want a dinner full of leaves!

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