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Madeira or sponge birthday cake.

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OrmIrian Tue 17-Feb-09 17:08:43

DS2's party in on Saturday. Am at work all week and Thursday and Friday evenings are gonig to be hectic. If I make a sponge or madeira type cake will it keep OK?

No room in the freezer atm.

stealthsquiggle Tue 17-Feb-09 17:11:07

Madeira would keep fine if wrapped or iced. When are you going to ice it?

OrmIrian Tue 17-Feb-09 17:12:13

I was going to ice it Saturday morning. The party is at 4. I can wrap it in baking parchments and put it in a tin. How about a sponge?

ChampagneDahling Wed 18-Feb-09 10:38:19

Why are you talking about madeira or sponge - go for chocolate girl - yummmmmmm grin

ps airtight tupperware is good, as are foil and baking parchment

Bagebird Wed 18-Feb-09 10:41:50

Madeira is a denser,slightly heavier cake than Sponge and keeps for longer IMO. My choice of the two definitely and will last for ages if stored well.

OrmIrian Wed 18-Feb-09 14:08:48

Yep I guess so bagebird. I just know my sponge recipe by heart and can make it without scales (which are still broken).

Have no tupperware.

MakkaPakkasPacamac Wed 18-Feb-09 14:12:26

Madeira, no question.

OrmIrian Wed 18-Feb-09 20:26:21

Madeira cakes made - one for party and smaller one for birthday. But added some cocoa. THe big one is going to be covered in chocolate mud, tree ferns and dinosaurs grin

ChampagneDahling Thu 19-Feb-09 10:16:49

Wonderful ! grin enjoy !

stealthsquiggle Thu 19-Feb-09 11:12:12

Chocolate madeira is standard issue for birthday cakes round here. Good choice.

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