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Breville BR9 breadmaker - recipe book

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daizydoo Mon 16-Feb-09 17:53:25



This is a long shot - does anyone have the above breadmaker? If so I'd be grateful for the recipe for making dough in it.

Many thanks

daizydoo Mon 16-Feb-09 19:15:13

a desperate bump!

spanna2000 Sun 24-Mar-13 17:19:38

Probabably too late now but what do you want to know?
The main things are:

1 is white bread
2 us white rapid
3 whole wheat
4 whole wheat rapid
5 sweet
6 french
7 cake
8 jam
9 bake
10 express
11 pasta
12 dough

Owlboy1 Fri 20-May-16 16:40:46

I have lost my instruction manual, could you post a coupls of the instructions for white or brown bread please?

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