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Does anyone have the Covent Garden soup recipe books?

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JulietTango Sun 08-Mar-20 13:21:35

So was it the same @MrsA2015

MrsA2015 Thu 05-Mar-20 10:04:49

I’m reading this because my pregnancy craving is the sweetcorn chowder. I’ll cry if I make it and it isn’t the same sad

TwistinMyMelonMan Mon 16-Feb-09 16:46:34

2 tablespoon ex vir oil
1 med onion, finely choped
1 clove garic, crushed,
2 stick celery, fine chopped
1 large carrot, very fine chopped
225g (8oz) potato (1/2 rough chop, 1/2 fine chop)
1 340g (12 oz) tin sweetcorn, drained
1/2 teaspoon powder chilli
725ml (1 1/4 pints water)
1 small red pepper, seeded and fine chopped
1/2 med green pepper, seeded fine chopped
1 level teaspoon bottle jalapeno pepper (pos tobasco would work, my guess it would)
75ml (3 fl oz double cream

*note* reading this recipie, my guess is fine chopping is key to sucess,

you do not want hard veg in it, nor do you want to over cook, get chopping wink

heat oil, cook onion till golden

add garlic, 1 min

add celery, add 1/2 the carrott, add the rough half of the chop pot, 1/2 the tin sweetcorn and the chilli powder,

cook 2/3 mins

add water, cover and bring to boil,

simmer for 15 mins till veg tender

cool a little and puree till very smooth

return soup to a clean pan

stir in the red and green peppers, the hot sauce, the remaining carrott, fine chop pots and the remain corn,

cover and bring to the boil then simmer for 10/15 till tender

add double cream and season

serve with fresh chopped corriander

TwistinMyMelonMan Mon 16-Feb-09 16:31:13

25g (1oz) butter
1 leek (white part only) finely sliced
250g (9oz) new pots (skin on best, optional)
500ml (18floz) veg stock
500g (1lb 2oz) asparagus, trimmed and cut in 2cm bits
1/2 teaspoon finely chopped tarragon
150ml (5floz) single cream
1 tablespoon parsley (finely chopped)
salt and pepper

melt butter, add leek cook 5 mins till soft

add pots and stock, bring to boil

cover and gentle simmer for 15mins till pots are nearly tender

stir in asparagus and tarragon,

cook for 3-5 mins more till asparagus is al dente

remove 1/3 (or 1/2 if you prefere) of soup and blend till smooth

return to pan and stir in cream and season

reheat and serve

return to pan

mumbear Mon 16-Feb-09 14:38:45

OOOOOOH!!!! The spicy corn chowder and the asparagus, leek and potato sound lovely. If you wouldnt mind??
Are they both low fat? I'm assuming they would be?

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TwistinMyMelonMan Sun 15-Feb-09 22:42:08

no, but i can help with...

asparagus, leek and new potato chowder,
sweet potato and red pepper chowder,
wild salmon chowder,
new zealand 'kumara' or sweet potato chowder,
roasted red pepper, corn and chilli chowder,
smoked haddock chowder,
irish clam chowder,
smoky fish and fennel chowder,
spicy corn chowder,

[covent garden addict]

mumbear Sun 15-Feb-09 20:58:03

If so is there a recipe for 'vegetable chowder' in there?? TIA smile

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