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Calling TracyK and other 1 year mums - hungry baby?

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lunavix Mon 11-Apr-05 16:45:39

I know we've been talking about what we're feeding our lo's
My run down was:

7.30 milk (9oz)
9am - bowl of cheerios and banana (or equiv.)
1pm - lunch (usually a slice of bread with hommous, and a piece of fruit, but he usually only eats about half if that.)
5pm - bowl of savoury meal, eg shepherds pie, maybe fruit puree or 2 petit filous after
7pm milk (9oz again)

But is this enough??!! Remember he's a big baby (between 24 and 25lb last count) and he rarely has snacks between meals (unless at MILs lol)

He gets really grizzly during the day and I've had no idea why, but today at 12 he got grizzly and I knew he wasn't tired so I gave him a couple of bits of melon, after eating two cubes he got up and happily played again! Could this be a one off or should I be giving him more?

I'm particularly worried as he usually only eats about half a slice of bread and maybe a quarter of an apple (or equivalent!) at lunch - so it's a long day between proper meals!

Am I starving my (not so) wee man??!!

saadia Mon 11-Apr-05 17:39:53

It may be that the gap between breakfast and lunch is too much for him. I think to be on the safe side, definitely offer him something every three hours or so. As we said on TracyK's thread, their stomach's are little so they probably need more frequent feeding, particularly if they're not eating much at mealtimes.

Yorkiegirl Mon 11-Apr-05 17:48:48

Message withdrawn

TracyK Mon 18-Apr-05 11:52:50

Oh sorry Luvanix - I've just seen this one!
Defo too long between breakfast and lunch - they have little tummies - and I'M hungry well before 1!
But when my ds gets grizzly - it's the same grizzly as if he's tired - but it just clicked the other week that he was hungry. Same as yours - as soon as he had a snack/dinner - he turns back into his normal self and actually goes a bit daft - running in and out the garden giggling.
I tend to give my ds snacks whenever I feel peckish (maybe too often!!)- maybe a babybel or a banana or a packet of the organic crisps. I would rather he ate little and often than getting over hungry and not eating properly at meal times.
Plus he may be hitting a growth spurt - I know ds ate like a little horse for a week or so - this week - not so much. In fact he only had a couple of bits of carrot and broccoli and mini roll for dinner last night - ignored the lovely salmon and cheese omlette I made him!!
I think we can just go with the flow and they know when they're hungry - after such a little dinner - he still slept through 7-6.30 - so he was obv. ok.

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