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Food ideas to easily include a veggie, without loads of extra shopping/cooking?

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PortofinosDHwillDieIfHeForgets Thu 12-Feb-09 22:02:34

We've got friends coming to visit shortly. The DH is veggie, DW and 2 kids(4 and 2) aren't and apparently eat everything. My DH likes his meat and dd is just generally fussy, but I'm used to that.

Looking for ideas for what I can cook for everyone or at least the grown ups, so that there can be, say, some meat, but the rest is acceptable to all. Or vice versa. I don't want to cook TWO meals but happy to adapt a bit.

Thought about maybe fajitas. Most of it is veggie and chicken/beef can be served separately. But what would you put in a veggie fajita?

Don't want to spend a fortune on shopping really. Any ideas?

lowrib Fri 13-Feb-09 00:11:55

Quorn chicken-style bits in the fajitas?

brightwell Fri 13-Feb-09 09:42:13

Or a tin of spicy taco mixed beans.

lowrib Fri 13-Feb-09 16:26:41

Or a nice pasta sauce with bacon bits added for the meat eaters?

BecauseImWorthIt Fri 13-Feb-09 16:28:54

In a veggie fajita: griddled/roasted peppers, courgettes, onions, aubergines, halloumi cheese, sour cream, chilli, salsa, coriander ...

lowrib Fri 13-Feb-09 18:48:45

BecauseImWorthIt mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

PortofinosDHwillDieIfHeForgets Fri 13-Feb-09 21:18:18

BecauseImWorthIt mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm X2!

Thanks for the ideas! I love haloumi cheese. Haven't seen any in Belgium but it must be available somewhere......

BecauseImWorthIt Fri 13-Feb-09 22:02:04

If you can't get Halloumi, just use ordinary grated cheddar/emmanthal instead.

PortofinosDHwillDieIfHeForgets Fri 13-Feb-09 22:09:11

Now there IS plenty of emmanthal!

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